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What products do lighting manufacturers offer?

Lighting manufacturers provide expertise and products, including fixtures designed for art displays, architectural features, cabinetry and shelving. These specialized fixtures are built with features that ensure a sharp aesthetic, precision optics and excellent controllability. The rise of LED technology has improved art and cabinetry lighting as well, as it’s more efficient and longer lived. In short, lighting manufacturers have an impressive array of tools that can be used in a variety of illumination projects.

For example, lighting manufacturers can design and implement the following:

1. LED optical framing projectors – LED optical framing projectors are designed for art displays, though they can be used with any centerpiece. Given their role, optical framing projectors specialize in outputting precise, aesthetically interesting illumination that other lighting technologies cannot match.

LED art projectors are built with numerous features that help them in this task. For example, optical framing projectors can be matched with one of several housing designs, each one intended for a different setting. Phantom’s Float Finish (FFL) housing, for instance, offers a zero sight-line finish, so once it is installed in the ceiling, it is almost impossible to see. Phantom’s Top Access (TAL) housing is for rooms where it would be impractical or inappropriate to access the projector from below. The New Construction (NCL) model is intended for placement before sheetrock installation, and is designed with mounting bars that can accommodate any joist spacing. There’s also the Remodeler Housing (RML) option, which is for ceilings with short depth.

These housing options are insulation-contact (IC) rated, so they can be safely installed in close proximity, or in contact with nearby insulation.

LED optical framing projectors create their effect with precise lighting that does not spill past the subject’s edges. Only the subject is illuminated, which means it is much more vibrant than everything around it. It’s a powerful look that works because framing projectors are adjustable. This adjustability means the projector can be used with a variety of subjects and displays. Framing projectors achieve this using either a pair of shutters or a custom-cut metal template. The shutters are perfect for any square or rectangular artwork such as paintings and photographs. The metal template is for any uniquely-shaped subject, like sculptures, models and installations.

The addition of LED technology has made optical framing projectors much more efficient and reliable, too. In the past, projectors were used with halogen lamps, as halogen is excellent at color rending. Halogen also emits a lot of heat (wasted energy) and only lasts a couple thousand hours before replacement is needed. LED lamps, by contrast, can provide up to 100,000 hours of illumination before they need to be maintained.

LED once struggled to output the same volume and quality of light that halogen is known for. However, high performance LEDs like the Cree HXP series have evened the field, so LED holds onto its efficiency and longevity advantages, and it can compete with halogen in other areas.

2. Adjustable LED cabinet lighting – Cabinet lighting is also designed for displays, and can work with a variety of cabinet designs and contents. It’s also compatible with display-quality LED lighting, so it can leverage the technology’s efficiency and longevity benefits. LED lighting is also valuable for cabinet displays because it emits close to zero heat. In cabinet shelving, no heat means no one will burn themselves on the fixture, and it means less wear on the cabinet.

Cabinet lighting has long relied on open wiring to deliver power to the fixtures, but Phantom’s adjustable LED cabinet lighting removes this issue. With an open wiring design, the cabinet’s shelves cannot be moved safely without an electrician’s help. Phantom’s adjustable cabinet lighting, though, uses buss bars, brass contact pads and other conductive components to safely carry current without open wiring. The buss bars double as shelf supports as well, so the shelves and the lighting can be adjusted for different displays.

The fixtures themselves remain invisible no matter how the shelves are arranged because they are ultra-compact and are concealed behind a piece of trim.

Phantom’s fixtures can also be installed under cabinets, for functional and aesthetic purposes. Undercabinet fixtures in the kitchen can wash light on countertops, which is helpful for cooking or cleaning. They can also function as a primary source of lighting at night, allowing people to navigate a dark house without switching brighter lights on. Also, with dimmers, homeowners can choose how bright they want their cabinet and undercabinet lighting.

3. LED cove lighting – Phantom’s ultra-compact LED strips are also an ideal match for cove lighting projects. LED strips can be installed near the top of the ceiling and act as a primary source of light in the space. It’s also an ideal layer of aesthetic lighting that can add just enough illumination to read by or sleep to.

Phantom’s LED cove lighting can be cut to any length and formed around curves, so it can fit anywhere. Cove fixtures can also be tied to dimmers, so they’re bright when you need to see, and dim when you want to relax.

Lighting manufacturers like Phantom develop fixtures for particular applications, like art and cabinet displays. These fixtures are specialized for aesthetics and precision, and with LED technology, they’re operating with the most sophisticated lighting technology available.

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