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Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial design project, sourcing materials for a project, in the middle of constructing a project or reworking a project that didn’t quite work – leave the lighting products to us.

We’ve mastered interior lighting design. We manufacture and sell proven high performance lighting products and have developed installation techniques that infuse luminosity and glamour into artworks, décor and architecture, throughout installation, and provide exceptional service after the sale.

We invite you to browse our three lighting product lines – Art LightingCabinet Lighting and Cove Lighting. As you search, remember that you are not alone. The Phantom Lighting team will work with you to identify the optimal lighting solution for your project, assist as an expert guide and knowledge source throughout installation, and provide exceptional service after the sale.

Art Lighting

The beauty of art lies in the eyes of the beholder. Thus, the pieces that bring you joy and fill your heart with pride deserve to be placed in the perfect spotlight. We manufacture custom LED framing projectors that bring you awesome residential art lighting once reserved for museums and galleries. The focused light can be masked and adjusted to fit the exact contour of the art without the distracting presence of light spillage on the wall. The results are amazing! Send us some pictures of your room showing the art, provide a few dimensions, and Phantom Lighting will provide a detailed quote and written instructions for a successful installation.


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Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lights are found in a variety of residential and commercial environments, and they are used for both decorative and functional lighting purposes. Our cabinet Lights are “Made to Order” and hand fabricated using LED or xenon light sources to discreetly illuminate adjustable bookshelves, antique furniture, custom display cabinets, and fixed shelving. Phantom cabinet light fixtures are easy to order and simple to install. All you have to do is tell us about your cabinet or send pictures, provide measurements of your cabinet, and our lighting specialists will engineer a solution and provide a quote and easy to follow installation instructions.


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Cove Lighting

Phantom cove lighting is smaller and thinner than most competing linear lighting fixtures on the market. Whether your are looking for a residential or commercial grade LED or Xenon cove lighting fixture, we have a custom lighting solution. Our professional lighting designers will help with your cove lighting layout, recommend the perfect product for your application and provide a written quote.


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Phantom Lighting Systems has forever intrigued me. I started sourcing it over 30 years ago when I first met Tom Kretzschmar. I can’t recall all of the ways we have installed it, but many cabinets, shelves and displays have been beautifully illuminated over the years. Aside from the unique light quality, I have always turned to Phantom because of Tom’s impeccable service. There is no one more knowledgeable or more willing to go the extra mile. I look forward to many more installations.

John Kidd, Interior Designer
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Our team will design a customized lighting solution for you and stay by your side throughout your project.

Phantom lighting design products to illuminate your interior space.

If you intend for your residential or commercial interior spaces to undergo a lighting design project, there can be no doubt that you want the best materials and products for your new build or remodel.

On your list of tasks, one of the first things you’ll need to do is source the materials you’ll need.

While the lighting components of a design project are often an afterthought rather than a forethought, architects and designers understand that it should be the other way around.

Planning your lighting design should be one of the first things you do. When doing so, you should have an idea of what type of products will work best for your design project. We can help.

Phantom Lighting Systems has been a premier lighting design manufacturer and supplier for nearly as long as the Internet became a trend. Lighting solutions are our passion, and we’ve mastered the art of interior lighting design.

We manufacture solid high-performance lighting products and have simplified the complex technology so that installation is easier.

Our patented lighting products are customizable and can be tailored to meet your needs, whether your project involves art lighting, cove lighting, cabinet lighting, or all of the above!

No lighting product on the market today will infuse more luminosity, sophistication, and glamour into your art, decor, and architecture.

We’ll work with you to identify the most optimal lighting solution for your project. We’re your knowledge source and expert guide throughout your lighting design project.

Art Lighting Design Products

We off six LED Optical Framing Projectors that were specifically designed for framing your fine art. Our projectors have built-in technology that makes it seem as though light is illuminating from within your art.

Our Phantom Contour Projectors combine all of the top lighting features to render the best light for fine art. While our patented LED projectors robustly light your art, they do so in a very safe manner thanks to the characteristics of LED light.

No matter what size or shape your art is and whether or not it consists of oil paintings, photographs, sculptures, or something else, our projectors were made for lighting art.

Many of the most esteemed art collectors, interior designers, and lighting designers choose Phantom lighting design products when they want only the best lighting design available today.

Phantom Art Lighting LED Contour Projector characteristics

  • Recessed low-profile housing.
  • Fits nearly any design setting; adaptable and flexible.
  • Proprietary, variable optical system that lights only the art.
  • Safe, LED technology that won’t fade art over time.
  • Contemporary surface mounting available in six models.
  • Enhances your art in an extraordinary fashion.

Cabinet Lighting Design Products

Phantom’s cabinet lighting solutions are highly customizable. Our cabinet lights feature low-voltage LED and our exclusive, patented concealed wiring technology.

Our cabinet lighting products work great as shelf lights, cabinet and under-cabinet lighting, display lighting, kitchen cabinet lights, and more.

When you’re displaying treasures on a shelf and illuminating them, you don’t want to see the fixtures. You only want to see light emanating to and from your fine collectibles. That’s what our six customizable cabinet lighting products do.

No matter how many lights are used and which angle your cabinet is viewed from, the spotlight will be on your cabinet or shelf, not wires or lighting hardware. Our cabinet lighting offers a spectacular visual display!

We can customize your cabinet lighting design using our LED lighting products that use less energy and put out less heat than other lighting options. That means your art, treasures, and collectibles won’t suffer heat damage over time.

Our cabinet lights are available in various mounting orientations, including adjustable, conceal and exposed options, horizontal mounts, vertical mounts, and task lighting.

Phantom’s Cabinet Lighting Solutions

Cove Lighting Design Products

Cove light takes all those dark, lurking shadows in the rooms of your home or business away, brightly illuminating an otherwise dull and gloomy space.

Our Ultra, Elite, and Classic Mount Lights are just the right lighting product for use in cove lighting.

Most lighting designs are layered, mixing different types of lighting to maximize the effect of your design. Cove light is the final touch that brings light to missed areas.

Take a look at the different features of our Ultra, Elite, and Classic Series to determine which one is right for your lighting project. All of our cove lights come with a variety of customizable trim options.

Ultra Cove Mount Lights:

Our Ultra level of lighting is the perfect application for commercial lighting products where a high lumen performance is necessary. Restaurants use cove lighting for just this reason, and also because it simply magnifies the ambiance. We have Ultra models with both lenses and shielded lights without lenses. Like all of our cove lights, the Ultra is available in different color temperatures.

Elite Cove Lighting Products:

Homeowners typically prefer our Elite Cove lights because they’re made from a concealable LED tape that really delivers in performance. Our Elite lighting also comes with our without lenses. Both our Ultra and Cove mount lighting come in LED linear tape formats.

Classic Cove Lights:

If retro or industrial is more your design style, then you’d probably love our Classic Cove lighting. Our Classic lights have festoon lamps that have a nostalgic touch. Phantom’s Classic cove lights are also customizable and come in Xenon and LED varieties.

Consult one of our lighting professionals for your cove lighting design.

We’re one of the most renowned cove lighting manufacturers in the industry.

Many lighting professionals such as architects, lighting designers, interior designers, and lighting distributors come to us because they know they’ll receive high-end lighting products that drive performance and offer the best illumination.

Though we’re based in Houston, our customer base spans from Canada to South America.

If you’re looking to add that unique flair to your lighting design, contact Phantom Lighting Systems. Reach out to us by calling 1-800-863-1184, and our experts will be happy to assist you.