Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet Lighting – Three Performance Levels

Our made-to-order cabinet lighting products are designed to simplify the installation process and make the things easy and straightforward. Your fixtures will arrive ready to install with all the necessary hardware and components. We take the guesswork out of cabinet and display lighting!

cabinet lighting
Elite Cabinet Lighting Series

Elite Cabinet Lighting

Our “Residential Grade” and most cost-effective custom LED lighting solution. Made-To Order and perfect for display lighting in curio cabinets, antiques, bookshelves (fixed & adjustable) as well as linear cove lighting applications. Available in a wide variety of custom mounting trims, extrusions and kelvin colors ranging from 1800 to 4000K.

Ultra Cabinet Lighting Series

Ultra Cabinet Lighting

Our “Commercial Grade” and highest output LED lighting solution for retail lighting. Made-To Order and perfect for display lighting, antiques, bookshelves (fixed & adjustable) as well as linear cove lighting applications. Available in a wide variety of custom mounting trims, extrusions and kelvin colors ranging from 1800 to 4000K.

Classic Cabinet Lighting Series

Classic Cabinet Lighting

Our “Old School” technology manufactured with individual xenon 12/24V festoon lamps as well as 12/24V LED festoon lamps. Made-To Order and perfect for those individuals who prefer individual festoon lamps over linear LED tape products. Available in a wide variety of custom mounting trims designed to conceal and hide the light source.

Start the process by answering these simple questions:

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Question 2: Is your cabinet new or existing?

Question 3: Does your cabinet have fixed or adjustable shelves?

Question 4: Do your shelves have reveals or stiles to hide lights and wires?

Question 5: Are you using a contractor or doing the work yourself?

Question 6: Do you have drawings or pictures of your cabinet to share by email?

Question 7: Would you like some help designing the best solution for your project?

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Cabinet Lighting is the new trend in interior lighting and Cabinet Design that will keep on going for years to come! Cabinet lighting is a must have if you are planning to completely redesign your kitchen or renovate any other room where cabinets are used. Cabinet lighting design specialists like us at Phantom Lighting Systems can help you to design your Cabinet Lighting project.

We invite you to contact us for a free Cabinet Lighting Design consultation! Cabinet lighting is one of our top services and we can help you with all Cabinet Lighting needs – from undercabinet lighting to display case lighting, Cabinet Lighting is our forte!

We are Cabinet Lighting Design specialists – Cabinet lighting is our passion and we are here to make your Cabinet Lighting design ideas come true.

Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen under cabinet lighting

The modern kitchen demands functional spaces with a lighting scheme that supports it. Undercabinet lighting does double duty in the kitchen, serving as task or accent lighting for cooking and food prep. Most of the work in the kitchen takes place on counters under cabinets. This is also where overhead lighting gets lost and out of range.

Adding light under your kitchen cabinets brightens up an otherwise dull kitchen space.

It is subtle yet effective, yielding just the right amount of light you need, where you need it.

Countertop lighting completes the kitchen and adds another layer of light. Our LED strip lights are perfect for use as under cabinet lighting and are designed to remain hidden, so the only thing you see is the light.

Glass-front cabinets and other cabinet lighting

The glass-front cabinets that hold Grandma’s antique dinnerware or cabinets that shelter other treasured artifacts are perfect areas to install cabinet lighting. Light can highlight the features you want to expose while getting rid of shadows created by overhead lighting.

Cabinet lighting is excellent for commercial use as well, where the lights will showcase products and enhance their allure.

The art of lighting your cabinets will help bring them to new life and revive your interior space.

Since cabinet lighting is all about displaying your most cherished items, we created recessed lighting strips in different color temperatures to accentuate your particular decor and take lighting your cabinets to the next level.

Above the cabinet lighting

Lighting fixtures can also be placed above the cabinets of your home or office to offer more illumination.

When it’s installed higher near the ceiling, it mimics the effects of cove lighting, a lighting method where indirect light is bounced from the ceiling, illuminating the entire room.

This helps add dimension to the room and make it more captivating, yielding an ethereal effect.

LED cabinet lighting

Phantom’s LED products emit soft hues that silhouette your displays without stealing the show. LED cabinet lighting renders the appropriate color temperature while adding to the energy efficiency of its operation.

Since LEDs have long-lasting appeal, the lights don’t require as much maintenance. Phantom’s LED fixtures are powerful and effective, yet easy to control. Our Elite and Ultra strips are flexible LED lights that can be readjusted along with your cabinet’s shelves.

Phantom’s LED lighting fixtures also have dimmer controls that allow you to set how much output you want at various times during the day. Many homeowners also feel more at ease with LED lights because they produce very little heat. So you’ll feel better about leaving your LED cabinet lights on as much as you wish.

LED lights are an especially welcoming addition in the kitchen, where they won’t add warmth to an area of the home that already has heat sources.

The Phantom Lighting team will design a customized solution for you using the latest cabinet lighting technology. Our LED products emit soft hues that silhouette your displays without stealing the show and use less electricity than other options. Our patented wiring methods obscure hardware so that attention is drawn to your artworks, collectibles and other fine treasures. Our commitment to exceptional service means that you have a team of experts by your side before, during and after your project.

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Our team will design a customized lighting solution for you and stay by your side throughout your project.

Cabinet lighting has expanded its influence and allure.

stunning cabinet lighting design never goes out of style. Specific lighting techniques and approaches may be more popular from year to year, but cabinet lighting in all its forms is a contemporary trend that’s here to stay.

Whether it’s undercabinet lighting for your kitchen or shining the light in cabinets or display cases for your collectibles or business products, cabinet lighting adds an heir of elegance and ambiance to your interior rooms.