Lighting Radius Coves Is Easy With Phantom Lighting Systems

Lighting Radius CovesLighting radius coves is a challenge that should only be done with the best fixtures. Many homes and businesses have intricate designs and nooks that add shape and depth to a room. Without the proper illumination, though, these features will fade into the background and go unnoticed. To prevent this, home and business owners can install compact fixtures that fit these spaces. Phantom’s LED and xenon strip fixtures are perfect for this purpose and offer a combination of power and efficiency that is unequal to other fixtures on the market.

What are some challenges associated with lighting radius coves?

Most fixtures aren’t designed to work with curved features and are challenging to arrange properly. These fixtures are also notoriously inefficient and often have to be installed en masse to produce enough illumination. This means most installations are costly to operate and prone to producing too much glare. Phantom’s fixtures are designed to avoid these problems and made with both the installer and client in mind.

Why are Phantom’s fixtures the best for lighting radius coves?

Phantom has several lines of strip fixtures that offer maximum concealment and adjustability. Installers often have to deal with nooks that do not accommodate fixtures. They are either too close to the ceiling or too shallow to accommodate most fixtures. Phantom’s strips can adjust for these difficult settings, or the installer can place Phantom’s aiming trims to create a little more clearance.

Phantom’s strips, particularly the Elite and Ultra, are some of the most efficient and powerful fixtures on the market. Both use advanced LED technology to minimize heat radiance and maximize output. LED lamps are also highly durable and long-lived, each lasting for 50,000 hours on average. This is around twice the lifespan of an incandescent or fluorescent fixture. Their longevity means fewer calls to maintenance to replace dead bulbs, which in turn means less disruption in plazas, meeting areas, and anywhere customers may congregate. This may not seem like a major problem, but clients at prestigious venues expect a unique experience that busy maintenance crews can disturb.

Phantom’s Elite fixtures produce 67 lumens per linear foot, and the Ultra emits 240 lumens per linear foot. This power to watt ratio is among the best in the industry, so fewer fixtures have to be used to create enough light. Fewer, more efficient fixtures means less power wasted and lower energy costs. Interior illumination accounts for 25 percent of most companies’ energy expenditures. Phantom’s fixtures are powerful enough to remove the need for intense direct illumination, greatly reducing electrical load. This equates to significant savings.

The most important reason for installing Phantom’s strip fixtures, though, is their look. These fixtures have metal glare shields and are metered to provide a soft, even spread of light. This washes over the ceiling and produces a beautiful touch of color, adding a layer of sophistication to any home or business.

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