Looking For A Variety Of Art Light Fixtures

Displaying priceless paintings, sculptures, and other treasured creations requires specific art light fixtures, also known as optical framing projectors. Expert collectors and galleries prefer them because their beams precisely enhance the pieces they are illuminating. The optical framing projector will produce the perfect illumination while also protecting the pieces from harmful ultraviolet radiation and heat emissions. Ultraviolet radiation and heat will weaken canvas fibers, increase fading of pigments and dyes, and lead to irreversible damage and devaluation.

Phantom offers various types of art light fixtures for private residences, businesses, museums, and art galleries. Choosing one depends on the medium and genre of the piece being exhibited. Their illumination equipment is completely customizable to the personal requirements of their customers. They all come with proprietary filtering lenses to block unwanted damaging ultraviolet radiation. The halogen bulbs used are low voltage and will not generate as much heat compared to other manufacturers models. Two masking methods are offered to customize the beam spread. The metal slide is for custom cut irregular pieces, such as sculptures, multiple hangings of art work, company logos, and much more. The adjustable shutters are mainly used for focusing on square and rectangular framed pictures. Phantom’s art light fixtures are easily customized to any project due to their versatility.

•    Recessed Luminaires

  • These apparatuses are “sourceless” illuminators – their housing units are mounted in the ceiling and remain virtually hidden from view. They are able to focus a beam at a specific angle, which produces the best viewing conditions and environment possible. Phantom manufactures several types of recessed housing units: the Remodel housing unit (a first in the industry and designed to eliminate ceiling damage during installation), the Float Finish housing unit, the New Construction housing unit, and the Top Access housing unit. All the housing units have a low profile and are manufactured to be completely unobtrusive and concealed. Phantom goes an extra step by making sure they have a solution for every installation application.

•    Track and Surface Mount Luminaires

  • These pieces are suspended from a surface or track system. They have a more visible profile, but are easy to install and use. They are great for focusing precisely on a piece or specific area when recessing the fixture is not an option.

There are many different art light fixtures on the market, but only Phantom’s are renowned for creating an appearance of an internal glow to pieces. Phantom has a variety of designs and mounting options available to meet all illuminating needs. They pride themselves on their innovation when it comes to the design and equipment of their projectors. They realize illumination is a discipline and science that requires a thorough understanding of the complexities of how light not only affects objects, but the different reflective and refractive properties of illumination. They are a pioneer in the world of art light fixtures by manufacturing unique products while meeting the individual needs of their customers. Phantom continues to create innovative lighting technology to meet the needs of their customers worldwide.

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