Looking Into Art Lighting With A Contour Projector

Many homeowners have become complacent when it comes to illuminating their prized possessions through the use of art lighting. People leave their displays out to hang in the sunlight. Ultraviolet radiation can strip the color and cause damage to their beautiful paintings. Why rob your portraits of the plush colors they were designed to showcase? Installing the proper type of art gallery lighting can avoid this disastrous problem and leave your paintings basking in the limelight.

Let a Phantom Haunt Your Personal Art Gallery

Phantom Lighting offers a different approach when it comes to illumination. Phantom is proud to present its unique contour projector. The Phantom contour projector is a bit different from other art illumination fixtures offered by some manufacturers. This projector produces an even focused light source over your painting so that all of those hidden rich colors are able to flood forth. This “Lighted from within” look makes the contour projector definitely a one of a kind art lighting device.

The Phantom contour projector uses a 75-watt MR16 low voltage halogen lamp to work its magic. Two of the features which make this art lighting fixture so special is the universal rotating ring and the mounting cradle, both which are encased in a variety of housings. The rotating ring gives the user the versatility of a 360-degree turning feature. It contains four positive locking phenolic thumb knobs, which keeps the projector in the proper position.

The mounting cradle is fully adjustable and locks the contour projector into place. This adds to the versatility of this special art lighting fixture since the user can easily remove it if cleaning and maintenance are needed. Both of these unique features are constructed out of durable aluminum so wear and tear never becomes an issue.

Blinded By The Light

Art lighting on reflective surfaces can be a tricky thing to deal with. Since light travels in a straight line, its reflection does as well. The angle at which the illumination source is aimed plays a role in how much glare you may receive in return. This is better known as the angle of incidence. In other words, when a light beam is projected toward a reflective surface, the illumination or glare becomes reflected back at the exact opposite angle. This can make art lighting rather difficult because of excessive shadows and annoying glare.

The Phantom Lighting contour projector solves the angle of incidence problem. Since the contour projector produces a focused source of illumination, the user can mask the light to fit with the exact shape of the object. As a result, no shadows are seen lurking about your walls, and there is no reflective glare from those beautiful paintings.

Other Spectral Features

There is nothing scary at all about the Phantom contour projector when it comes to art lighting. It offers the user all the versatility they will need to go about this adventure. There are several glass focal lenses, which can be adjusted to manipulate the light beam in order to achieve the perfect look for your artwork. These lenses are constructed out of 39mm, 75fl sturdy Pyrex glass and allow additional flexibility when using Phantom’s contour projector.

Don’t Be Robbed Blind

There is no need to leave your wonderful paintings to hang their heads underneath the unforgiving sun. Phantom Lighting offers a different approach to this catastrophe. The Phantom contour projector is everything you need out of an art illumination fixture. Used in galleries around the world, as well as, museums and restaurants, many homeowners are now investing their interest in this unique device. So don’t let your paintings colors succumb to an unsightly crime. Let this victim become a victor with the contour projector from Phantom Lighting.

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