Low Energy LED Lighting With High Energy Design

Phantom Lighting was recently recognized in an article “Low Energy Lighting – High Energy Design” by Randall Whitehead that was published in Fine Home Building. Mr. Whitehead is a renowned California Lighting Consultant who owns and operates Randall Whitehead Lighting Solutions.

RWLS publishes media that assists high-end lighting manufacturers in promoting their products and makes residential lighting understandable to a discerning audience.
This particular article discussed how energy efficient lights can be very effective sources of task lighting, decorative lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting. Too often homeowners are tempted to turn to retail fluorescent and LED sources that are designed to mimic incandescent lamps. These lights are typically too generic and fail to offer the quality of light that people have become accustomed to expecting. However, there is a wealth of new technology out there that can perform better than traditional light sources—if you know which manufacturers to choose and how to install the products correctly.
In his article, Mr. Whitehead showcased a select few number of manufacturers that have long-established reputations in the development of products that generate optimal lighting levels and excellent color rendering. Among the manufacturers discussed was Phantom Lighting. Phantom’s linear strips, equipped with LED festoon lamps, represent some of the most sophisticated LED technology ever developed for task and decorative lighting. The beginning of the article demonstrated how Phantom’s LED shelf and display lights were used to uplight a collection of framed fine art photography. The collection was showcased on wall-mounted shelves. These shelves were unique in that the front reveals of the shelves were located on the top, not the bottom, of the shelf.
The low-profile design of our linear strip lights allowed the designer to mount them behind these reveals—much like cove lights are mounted on the ceiling. This allowed the fixtures to remain hidden from view and shine an apparently sourceless form of decorative light onto the photographs. This lighting technique is the origin of our company motto, “See the Light, Not the Fixture,” and is one of the many features of our low voltage cabinet light strips that make them ideal for high-end decorative display lighting applications.
What was unique about this particular example was that it demonstrated how our products could be used for lighting artwork displayed on shelves—something few, if any, linear strips lights can perform. Randall Whitehead again mentioned that task lighting applications in places like closets and laundry rooms can be done very effectively with our 5000K LED festoon lamps. These lamps are super energy efficient and can be dimmed to provide the optimal amount of luminance for lighting clothing, laundry supplies, and accessories.  There is no point in using xenon or incandescent sources in such places due to their enormous energy consumption and heat buildup.
A heat-free source, such as our new festoon design, combined with aesthetic dimmability, offers superb color rendering and adjustable lighting to the consumer on demand. If you would like more information about Phantom cabinet lighting fixtures or fine art lighting products please contact us at 800-863-1184 or request a quote online.