Is Low Profile Cabinet Lights The Best Choice?

Achieving the proper aesthetic for a display is the goal of every illumination designer, and one of the most effective ways to achieve it is with low profile cabinet lights. High end illumination is an important component of a display, but the fixtures themselves are not. In nearly every setting, hiding the fixtures from view will improve the look of a project, but this is not always easy to do. Also, many concealable fixtures are difficult to work with or aren’t quite as powerful as exposed fixtures. That can lead to homeowners mistakenly believing that with hidden fixtures they have to settle for a lower impact look. Fortunately, this isn’t the case.

Why are low profile cabinet lights the superior choice?

Most fixtures aren’t designed to look pretty, though they do emit beautiful illumination. Exposed fixtures tend to get in the way and appear distracting, taking away from the real focus of a project. Exposed fixtures are also harder to control and can produce harsh, annoying glare. That’s why illumination designers will almost always opt for hidden fixtures, even if that means recessing them into the ceiling.

How do low profile cabinet lights work?

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strip fixtures are made to be as compact as possible while maintaining their impressive power and flexibility. During installation, Phantom can provide a piece of trim that is mounted to the reveal side of the shelf and above anything being displayed. This not only shields the fixtures from view, it also hems in the illumination. Phantom’s trims hone the illumination down some because they only allow the fixtures to emit into certain angles. There are several trim options available, and which one works best will depend on the nature of the display and the setting’s shelving arrangement. By selecting the correct fit, the illumination will be confined to the shelving and produce an island of soft radiance.

In most cases, a display looks better when it is filled with soft illumination. Hard edges and hotspots look rough and sloppy, and it’s easier to produce an even appearance with soft fixtures. Phantom achieves this by fitting its Elite and Ultra fixtures with glare shields and by using only high quality LEDs. As a result, the display will be evenly illuminated and appear to be glowing. That is a much more attractive approach to crafting a display.

Even better, Phantom’s low profile cabinet lights are flexible beyond aiming trim options. Both the Elite and Ultra can be customized to produce one of several color temperature options, and each color temperature evokes a different feel and works best with certain items. Warm fixtures, for example, are better paired with books, while cooler fixtures are more effective at showcasing metals.

Aesthetics are a tricky thing to figure out when putting together a display, but concealable fixtures are a clear first step to producing the best possible outcome.

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