Making Custom Bookcase Lighting Plans

If a homeowner wants to get the most from a den, a library, or a study, custom bookcase lighting plans are the way to go. The classic beauty of an old collection of texts cannot be properly appreciated without the right illumination. There’s nothing more sophisticated and comforting, but this look can’t be achieved with just any fixtures. Off the shelf illumination tends to be of a lower quality, difficult to control, short lived and inconsistent. It’s also tough to fit just right into cabinetry, as off the shelf fixtures offer limited customization. In short, a homeowner would be best served consulting with an illumination expert to see which fixtures would fit best in the display.

How can a homeowner find custom bookcase lighting plans for their cabinetry?

Perhaps the biggest issue with using off the shelf fixtures is that they come with little guidance. Even someone who is technically handy may run into problems with illumination, because it’s as much an art as a science. That’s why most people should consult with an illumination designer before making room for a new set of fixtures. Even illumination experts themselves will often consult with other experts if they are dealing with technologies they are not used to, so it is strongly recommended that a homeowner speak to a knowledgeable team.

Phantom Lighting can be that expert team that people need, and its fixture options are among the best on the market. Among Phantoms’ services is producing custom bookcase lighting plans for its clients, many of whom require a high end installation for their display.

What “custom” means is different for every illumination designer, but for Phantom, it means a system that not only fits snugly into place, but is also optimized for a particular display, including those that primarily contain texts.

What kind of custom bookcase lighting plans can Phantom produce for homeowners?

Phantom’s LED fixtures, particularly its Elite and Ultra LED strips, are designed to be as flexible as possible and are the ideal choice for a variety of cabinet layouts. This starts with taking the cabinet’s measurements and using them as a guide to produce the strips themselves. An installer will take down these measurements, and Phantom will cut the strips to fit perfectly. As a result, the fixtures will be perfectly concealed and will offer even illumination throughout the display. This is something off the shelf fixtures struggle with, and it leads to improper fits and an unsightly display.

The Elite and Ultra are normally installed behind a piece of trim that conceals the fixtures from view. This trim can also be configured, permitting the fixtures to only emit into certain angles, blocking the rest. This shapes the illumination to the display and keeps it from intruding into the room. This is where the real power of a tailored design comes in. Add in color temperature and dimming options, and the Elite and Ultra are as versatile as it gets.