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Phantom Lighting and its manufacturer agents are placing fine art and displays throughout Mexico in an entirely new quality of light. Phantom’s proprietary, patented technology is the only one of its kind in the world, offering seamlessly installed, near-invisible lighting fixtures and the most superb lighting effects imaginable for fine art, sculpture, collectibles, fine hardback books, retail displays, and even antique furniture. Our innovative lighting fixtures have been featured in art galleries, museums, and restaurants throughout the United States. Now, our lighting manufacturer agents have moved into Mexico, bringing a whole new light to homes, businesses, eclectic settings, and even government buildings. Mexico’s diversity and wide range of lifestyles encompass some of the world’s finest resorts, most comfortable and relaxed settings, and the world’s largest city. Phantom Lighting manufacturer agents work with architects, interior designers, engineers, and homeowners to create the most spectacular illumination décor theme for any aesthetic environment. Every product is custom manufactured back in the States to the exact dimensions of our clients’ requirements. Lighting manufacturer agents do more than take orders over the phone.  They help plan and develop decorative lighting systems that hide the fixture but never hide the light.

Specifically, Phantom Lighting manufacturer agents offer Mexico two very distinct and special types of equipment. The first is our world-renowned Phantom Contour LED art projector, available in six models. It hides itself in the ceiling where viewers do not notice its presence, and it emphasizes the art with special lighting effects our patented technology alone can create. We also provide six distinct lines of Phantom Lighting Strips for both horizontal and vertical display lighting. Manufacturer agents help clients select the best fixtures for their needs free of charge, so do not hesitate to ask for advice when calling to place an order.

The Phantom Contour Projector, sold by our Mexico lighting manufacturer agents, is the best choice when it comes to fine art illumination. This unique projector has several Pyrex glass focal lenses that can be adjusted by the user to focus the light beam onto all works of art.  This focused light source will bring out the radiant color of pictures and paintings, giving them a “lighted from within” look.  Hanging works of art will appear to float right off the wall in magnificent fashion. The Phantom Contour Projector utilizes a low voltage halogen-based lamp that is energy efficient and extremely safe for artwork. The Contour Projector filters out ultraviolet radiation and infrared rays become trapped, so artwork remains safe and well preserved for many years to come. Be sure to ask our art lighting manufacturer agents about our special UV filters for more sensitive art pieces.

Phantom Strip Lights, also sold in Mexico by our manufacturer agents, are another wonderful option for showcase illumination. These lights are perfect for low voltage display lighting within cabinets, breakfronts, armories, and hidden cove regions. Our manufacturer agents can explain the many different types of trims we offer for different environments and dimensions. The adjustable shelf concept is another special feature that can only be found with Phantom LED Strip Lights. Users have the ability to remove or relocate existing shelf fixtures without having to use tools or needing to disconnect any type of wiring. Easy to install and gorgeous to look at, Phantom Strip Lights will give any display case a soft touch of beautiful illumination for all to enjoy.

Ask our Mexico manufacturer agents about our special glare shields, which hide the light fixture, but not the light itself. This will enhance your viewing pleasure and eliminate the common problems of shadows and glare, which can hinder your decorative illumination theme. Phantom Lighting will also have LED (light emitting diode) strip light sets available soon. These colorful lights are low voltage and produce very little heat, so safety is never a problem. Ask our Mexico lighting manufacturer agents about our innovative illumination products, and they will be more than happy to even give you a free demonstration.

Contact one of our lighting manufacturer agents today to put art and displays in a whole new world of light or see for yourself by visiting our image gallery.

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