Newsletter – March 2010

This year, we will not be hosting a booth at Lightfair International 2010, although we will be present to mingle with our colleagues and competitors. There is a very good reason for this.  We have decided to redirect funds that we normally invest in Light Fair in R&D.  Early next year, we will be unveiling a new line of LED products.  These products will be officially introduced in New York in May 2011.  Come and see us at that time to learn what this exciting new product line entails, and keep reading our website for updates, because certain information may become available prior to that time.
Did you know that you can install a Phantom recessed art projector in a side wall? In many cases, there are obstructions in a room such as a beam or truss that prohibit a ceiling mount. Interior side walls can provide an excellent workaround to this problem.  In one recent project, we used a coat closet in the main bedroom for this purpose.  It was an open-style, two story layout which gave us ample side wall space for the projector (concealed within the closet interior) and the painting on the main bedroom wall.  We decided that this was a much better way to light the art because a ceiling-mounted installation would have looked too much like an add-on.
The latest and greatest news in LED lighting is our new 2700K warm tone which is identical to the golden tone of xenon. One of the things that differentiate our LED replacement lamps is their consistent performance under very strict spectrometer tests.  While there are other models out there with similar color temperatures to those of our products, ours offers the designer consistency within acceptable color ranges. Designers typically choose our 2700K for lighting displays, 3500K for produce in retail grocery markets, and 5000K for jewelry lighting.  Dimmer switches do not shift the color of our lights either.  They simply get lower or brighter as the dimmer is adjusted.
Phantom manufactures LED festoons and LED strip lighting products that work on both 12V and 24V transformers. The new Phantom festoon design, plus the ultra-efficient magnetic transformers that power our strips; consistently begin producing a 90 percent reduction in energy savings the day they are installed.
Call Phantom today at 800-863-1184 if you are a homeowner looking for superior decorative lighting solution, an electrical contractor working for produce or high-end retail storefronts, or an interior designer looking to dazzle your clientele with new accent lighting tools that let you see the light and not the fixture from a whole new perspective—and point of budget.
Our lighting fixture supply is located in Houston, Texas. A network of nationwide lighting supply agents fans out throughout all 50 states into cities like Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FLL), Orlando, Florida (MCO), Santa Monica, CA, (LAX) Columbus, Ohio (CMH), (LGA) New York, NY, (JKF), St. Louis, MO, Detroit, Michigan (DTW), Madison, WI (MSN), San Francisco, California (SFO), and Omaha, Nebraska (OMA). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.