Optical Framing Projectors

Optical framing projectors are a triumph in display technology, giving homeowners an incredible tool for showing off their favorite paintings, sculptures, and other prized belongings. Homeowners that spend a great deal of effort and money on artwork don’t want to waste that effort on a poor set of fixtures. And make no mistake, a cheap system will undo all of the subtle beauty in an exhibit. In fact, it’s difficult to take any set of fixtures straight from the box and make them work with a quality exhibit. The best option, then, is to set up a custom solution that makes use of contour lighting projectors.

How do optical framing projectors perform compared to other popular lighting methods?

These fixtures are superior to other options in nearly every conceivable way. They are easier to conceal, and thus blend in with the home’s aesthetic better. They are highly precise, offer excellent color fidelity, are easy to set up and maintain, and provide unique illumination options geared toward maximum impact.

Concealment is often an underrated aspect of a fixture’s design, but it is much more important than most homeowners realize. Bulky overhead systems can distract from a display and just don’t provide the contemporary, sophisticated feel that a modern system can deliver. Optical framing projectors, though, are mounted inside the ceiling, or at least in an inconspicuous spot. Some of Phantom’s models are designed to be as invisible as possible, not even requiring a ceiling cover plate. In these instances, it may be impossible for people to spot where the light is coming from. A neat trick to pair with such beautiful illumination.

All of Phantom’s models use CREE© XHP70 3000K LED lamps, which are considered the best for display art. This is especially important when displaying oil paintings and other subjects with a lot of subtle color gradations.

Perhaps the most important feature Phantom’s art display fixtures offer is how they can be contoured to a subject of any size or shape. This is done with one of Phantom’s masking attachments, and once slotted over the front of the fixture, it will block out all parts of the beam except for those aimed at the subject. This creates a glow effect, as the painting or sculpture is the only element that is lit up. It’s impressive to see in person, and makes for a memorable experience for any guests. And, of course, Phantom will help guide a project along until a homeowner gets exactly that from their new system.

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