US Patent for Contour Projector

Phantom Lighting is pleased to announce that founder Tom Kretzschmar has been awarded United States Patent number 6,832,845 for his innovative design of Phantom’s Contour Lighting Projector. Along with co-inventor Gilbert Pistole, Kretzschmar has created an innovative and cutting edge projector design that addresses many of the common projector dilemmas facing lighting specifiers. Though many competitors offer lighting projectors, intended to precisely frame a given piece of artwork or are with light, Contour offers specifiers and installers a new level of flexibility and options never before seen in the world of lighting projectors.
The innovative features of the Contour projector encompass three main areas:
A precision optical system that includes a low voltage MR16 lamp and a series of highly specialized condensing and focal lenses. These lenses create a flexible field of focus, rather than fixed as with most other projectors, allowing the projector to be placed wherever is most convenient for the designer, including off to the side of the subject. The Installer is able to adjust the field of light up or down, left or right, wide or narrow as needed on site. Other projectors with a fixed focal plane require that they be placed in precise relation to the subject being lit in order to work as intended. This rigidity often results in either an architecturally unattractive installation or a projector that doesn’t work as advertised. Three different options for screening the aperture. Phantom offers a shuttering method, though it goes beyond what competitors’ shutters do. Phantom offers a series of twelve precisely contoured shutters to add flexibility of focus and combat any “key stoning” effect of the light. As a second aperture option, Phantom offers a custom cut brass slide, allowing one projector to frame multiple objects. As a third option, Phantom is proud to be the only projector on the market to offer a custom glass slide option. A glass slide allows the projector to mask out floating objects or perfectly frame letters without stencil-like standoffs.

An innovative harness mounting system that allows for the only remodeler housing on the market. Phantom’s new harness mounting system allows for a wide variety of housing options including new construction, housings accessible from above, a float finish housing that allows the trim plate to blend seamlessly into the ceiling, and the market’s only housing that can be installed recessed in an existing ceiling.

Phantom’s Contour projector is ideal for numerous applications including: Art, Sculpture, Company Logos, Architectural Details, Pianos, Table Tops, Multiple Objects.

This is the second patent that Kretzschmar has been awarded, the first being for Phantom’s low voltage adjustable shelf lighting concept.

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