Phantom Classic FAQs

What Is Phantom lighting?

Phantom Lighting is the premier custom low voltage cabinet lighting system on the market today! Phantom is used for task, display, and cove lighting applications. Phantom is about lighting creations – not about light bulbs.

How difficult is Phantom lighting to install?

It is really quite simple if you understand the concept and follow the instructions. Selecting the right trim and submitting the proper measurements are the most important part of the installation. Send us some drawings or a picture and we will be able to discuss your needs!

Is Phantom Lighting UL or ETL Listed?

Yes, Phantom Lighting has been tested by ETL and meets all the requirements for miscellaneous fixtures to UL standard 1571 & 1574.

Will a dimmer work on Phantom lighting?

Yes, Phantom lighting can be dimmed by the use of a dimmer. Since Phantom is a low voltage lighting system that requires a low voltage transformer, a low voltage style dimmer designed for an inductive load must be used.

Do you offer incandescent, xenon and LED festoon lamps?

Yes, we offer all three types of festoon lamps. They are available in 3, 5, 10 watts in clear and frosted varieties in both 12 and 24 volt.  Our 0.6 watt LED festoon lamp is the equivalent of a 7 watt xenon or festoon lamp. Our LED festoon lamps are designed as a direct replacement for any festoon lamp with pointed ends. Our LED festoon lamps are not designed for rigid loop replacements.

What is the average lamp life of a festoon lamp?

The lamp manufacturer has given these lamps an average life of 4000 hours and up to 50,000 hours for our LED light bulbs.

How do I know which Phantom trim is right for me?

Phantom Lighting is divided into four mounting categories: Horizontal Mounting – typically Trim 3, Vertical Mounting – typically Trim 4, Cove Lighting – typically Trim 1 and Under Cabinet Task Lighting – typically Trim 1. Once you have determined the proper trim the rest is easy!

What is your Phantom lighting adjustable shelf concept?

The AC SERIES adjustable shelf concept is a revolutionary design that allows the collector complete flexibility to remove or relocate shelves without tools or disconnecting wires. The lights are attached to the individual shelves and are electrified through hidden connectors utilizing safe low voltage current.

Is Phantom lighting trim available in brass or stainless steel?

Yes, we are one of the only manufacturers that offers both brass and stainless steel. Our trims are available in two finishes: Polished and satin.

Does Phantom lighting require a transformer?

Yes, all Phantom Lighting installations require the use of a 12 or 24 volt magnetic transformer to conform to ETL standards.

Do Phantom transformers have overload protection?

Yes, all Phantom transformers have secondary fusing sized for your protection. We recommend that you consult your local electrician about primary and secondary fusing depending on your application.

How much installation room is needed for Cove Lighting?

You need at least three inches of space away from the wall and three inches down from the ceiling for the light to provide smooth continuous illumination. The bigger the space the better the effect. Send us your design for an opinion!

Can Phantom lighting be used in radius coves?

Yes, Phantom Lighting is designed to be easily field modified to conform to irregular shapes or radius coves.

Can Phantom lighting be used in a cabinet with a mirrored back?

No, because the reflection of the lights will be ugly and distracting. The best way is to light the cabinet from the top down, provided that the cabinet has a reveal on top to conceal the lights.

What is the difference between fluorescent and Phantom lighting?

Phantom Lighting is fabricated to the exact length of the application, which provides for smooth continuous mood lighting. Fluorescent lighting on the other hand, is modular and must be pieced together.

Will Phantom lighting work in my antique cabinet?

Yes, since Phantom Lighting is custom fabricated we can design a fixture that will fit perfectly and give you years of trouble free enjoyment in your antique cabinet!

What is the difference between incandescent and xenon lighting?

Xenon lighting produces a whiter light and typically is frosted for a softer look creating less severe shadows and reflected images. Incandescent lamps on the other hand, are less expensive and produce a warmer light. They are typically used when budget is a concern and reflections are not an issue.

What is the normal lead-time for delivery?

Since Phantom Lighting is custom fabricated to each order our normal lead-time is two to four weeks. Most orders are shipped in five to seven working days. Need something faster?  Just give us a call!

How do you ship Phantom lighting?

All orders under eight foot in length are shipped United Parcel Service. Other shipping methods are available if requested!

What is the warranty on Phantom lighting?

PHANTOM™ LIGHTING SYSTEM warrants its products against defects in any material and workmanship for three years from the invoice date. PHANTOM™ reserves the right to either repair or replace without charge, any properly installed PHANTOM™ product which falls under normal operating conditions within the specified warranty period for fixtures (excluding lamps) and transformers, provided it is returned to the factory, transportation prepaid, and our inspection determines it to be defective under the terms of the warranty. This warranty covers only equipment manufactured by PHANTOM™ and does not extend to transportation, installation, or replacement charges, nor does it apply to any equipment of another manufacturer used in conjunction with PHANTOM™ equipment. In a progressive policy of research and development we reserve the right to vary and modify specifications without prior notice.

What is the feed through capacity of Phantom lighting?

You can connect multiple sections of Phantom together for a continuous look as long as you do not exceed a total of 13.33 amps per feed. Divide total wattage by voltage to find amperage. Examples: 320 watts /24 volt = 13.33 amps for 24 volt systems. 160 watts /12 volt = 13.33 amps for 12 volt systems.

What size wire is needed to connect Phantom lighting?

We recommend that you consult a licensed electrician for information about calculating amperage or designing wiring methods! Just remember the lower the voltage the higher the amperage and wire must be sized accordingly!  Examples: 14 gauge wire is rated for 15 amps, 12 gauge wire is rated for 20 amps, 10 gauge wire is rated for 30 amps, 8 gauge wire is rated for 40 amps.

Phantom Lighting can be wired in a number of ways and we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

How long should I order the buss bars?

That depends on your cabinet. Phantom Buss bars are designed to run the full height of the cabinet to allow for multiple access points at each drilled pin location. Please refer to the AC Series spec sheet for additional information.

We recommend that you extend the buss bars 2 to 4 inches above or below the cabinet so that the installer can connect the power leads to the terminal on the bar.  Code requires access to these terminals for servicing.

How do magnetic and electronic transformers differ?

Magnetic transformers are big magnets wrapped in copper wire that reduce the voltage output through resistance.  They are heavy, and dim well when used with dimmers rated for magnetic or inductive loads.

Electronic transformers on the other hand are much smaller and rely on electronic components to reduce the voltage output.  They are much smaller and can be hidden much easier than magnetic models.

Whats the difference between the 12 volt and 24 volt lighting?

Both are considered to be a low voltage current and work well with all lighting systems.  Wire sizes and amperage loads are much higher with 12 volt systems.

You typically see 12 volt used in accent lighting fixtures such as the Contour Projector. On the other hand, 24 volt systems are considered a more favorable voltage for strip lighting applications due to reduced amperage loads and wire sizes.

What Are “leads”?

Leads are simply the wires that you connect from each fixture back to the power supply.  Phantom strip lighting products come with many different lead configurations for both adjustable and hard wired applications.

When ordering, always discuss lead configurations as if you are facing the cabinet or shelf.  That way we are all talking a common language when ordering or discussing wiring methods.  Left means left and right means right!

How do I know what length of leads to order?

Phantom come with typical six inch leads and may be customized to fit your needs.  If your application requires longer leads we are happy to customize your order for a minimal charge.

Do I have to order strip lighting in pre-determined sizes?

All Phantom strip lighting products are custom fabricated to your exact specifications or lengths.  All Phantom strip lighting can be field cut using snips or a hack saw should you need to modify your fixtures on the job.

Help! I ordered the wrong trim profile – I can see all the lamps!

Don’t worry.  We offer a full assortment of corrector trims that allow you to shield the lamps and customize your project without reordering your strips.

Can I place an order for Phantom light strips over 10’ long?

We can ship lengths up to 10 feet if absolutely necessary.  However, this adds additional costs for shipping and handling.

We typically cut the lighting strips into equal sections and provide the correct lead configuration so that you can connect them without interruption.  Don’t worry, we got you covered!

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