Phantom Elite FAQs

What is Elite and Ultra LED Ribbon Technology Lighting?

The LED Ribbon Technology allows for a continuous run of LED diodes to produce maximum light output.  The ribbon and diodes are covered with high quality polyurethane to avoid cracking and discoloration of the strip.  The strips are connected at every foot with a reversible 4-pin connector.   Other connectors can also be supplied to achieve a continuous run.  The strips can be cut every 4 inches for custom fit then applied to the trim profile specified sending you a ready to install custom lighting system.

How Difficult Is Elite And Ultra To Install?

The Elite and Ultra lighting strips are customized to your specific project which should simplify the installation process.  We have created step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow for each application.

Will A Dimmer Work With The Elite And Ultra Lighting Systems?

All Elite and Ultra products operate on 24VDC Magnetic Drivers that are fully dimmable.  Please see the Driver Cut Sheet for a list of compatible dimmers.

What Is The Difference Between Elite And Ultra?

Elite and Ultra share the same basic physical characteristics but differ with technical aspects.  Elite is offers a standard brightness applicable in most circumstances.  Elite achieves 67 lumens per foot using 1.5 watts per foot.  It has the ability to connect up to 30 feet on any given run.  Ultra is for strong intensity situations with 240 lumens per foot using 4.5 watts per foot.  Ultra has a maximum run limit of 15 feet.  Ultra can be used for overhead lighting in cove applications, task lighting for food preparation, or commercial display settings.  Since Elite and Ultra can be fully dimmed, the light output can be controlled in every setting.

Is Elite And Ultra UL Or ETL Listed?

Elite and Ultra is ETL Listed and should be used as a lighting system to uphold the listing.

Does Elite And Ultra Come In Different Color Temperatures?

Elite and Ultra are both offered in three different color temperatures 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K.  The most popular color temperature is 2700K which closely relates to an incandescent light source.  We also offer 3000K for more contemporary settings which compares to a halogen light source.  The 4000K is used for high task areas or possibly commercial settings where fluorescent lighting would be commonly used.

What Is The Average Life?

The life of Elite and Ultra is based on average use concluding a 20 year life span.  The energy efficient nature of the product allows for this longevity along with the ability to dim the light fixtures.

How Do I Know Which Trim Is Right For Me?

We have designed a variety of trims to accommodate a wide range of custom projects.  The application cut sheets clearly display each trim in a section view for better understanding.  Our trained experts would be happy to guide you to the right trim for your project.

Can I Use The Extrusion On A Shelf With A Reveal?

The extrusion is a unique invention specifically designed for shelves without reveals.  The extrusion has the ability to be painted to match shelves or customized with matching wood veneer on site.  It acts as a shelf reveal to disguise the light from plain view.

What Does Elite And Ultra Require In Terms Of Power?

All Elite and Ultra Lighting Strips operate on 24VDC Magnetic Drivers.  This allows for longer runs without voltage drop.  We offer Drivers ranging from 20watt to 150watt.  The Driver requirements are job specific based on the watts per foot multiplied by the amount of feet.

Can Elite And Ultra Be Used In Radius Coves?

Neither Elite nor Ultra is the ideal solution for radius coves or arches.  Classic Phantom would be a better alternative since the trim has the flexibility to be notched in between the festoon lamps.

What Is The Maximum Run Capacity For Elite And Ultra?

Elite and Ultra both have maximum run capacities that need to be considered when using the product.  Elite has a maximum run of 30 feet and Ultra is 15 feet.

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