Phantom Elite FAQs

What is Elite LED ribbon technology lighting?

LED Ribbon Technology allows for a continuous run of LED diodes to produce maximum light output with good uniformity. The copper ribbon and LED diodes are covered with high quality polyurethane to avoid cracking and discoloration of the strip. The strips are connected at every foot with a reversible 4-pin connector. Other connectors can also be supplied to achieve a continuous run. The strips can be cut every 4 inches for custom fit then applied to the trim profile specified sending you a ready to install custom lighting system.

How difficult is Elite to install?

Elite  lighting strips are customized to your specific project which simplifies the entire installation process. We have created step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow for each application.

Will any dimmer work with the Elite lighting system?

All Elite light strips operate on Phantom 24VDC Magnetic Drivers that are dimmable.  Please refer to our Driver Cut Sheet for a list of compatible dimmer controls, as well as minimum and maximum load requirements for each size driver.

What Is The Difference Between Elite and Ultra?

Elite and Ultra share the same basic physical characteristics but differ by wattage per foot.  Elite offers a standard brightness applicable in most residential circumstances and produces 115+ lumens  at 2.2 watts per foot.  It has the ability to connect up to 45 feet on any given run. Ultra is for strong intensity situations with 225+ lumens at 4.2 watts per foot. Ultra has a maximum run limit of 23 feet. Ultra can be used for overhead lighting in cove applications, task lighting for food preparation, or commercial display settings. Since Elite and Ultra will dim, the light output can be regulated in every setting and any light level.

Is Phantom Elite UL or ETL listed?

Both Elite and Ultra lighting products are ETL Listed to 1598C in the US and Canada as a complete lighting system. To maintain compliance, use only Phantom strips lights, mounting components and drivers. All our components are safe, tested and compliant with most electrical electrical codes.

Can Phantom Elite be used in closet applications?

Yes, Phantom Elite strip lights are ETL Approved, and listed for use in clothes closets, storage closets and other enclosed display applications.

Does Phantom Elite come in different color temperatures?

Yes, Phantom Elite is available in  different color temperatures 1800K, 2100K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. The most popular color temperature is 2700K which closely relates to an incandescent light source. We also offer 3000K for more contemporary settings which compares to a halogen light source. The 4000K is used for high task areas or possibly commercial settings where fluorescent lighting would be commonly used. Lower temperatures such as the 1800K and 2100K are designed for commercial applications such as restaurants or night clubs who desire a soft golden look.

How do I know which trim is right for me?

We have designed a variety of mounting trims to accommodate a wide range of custom projects. The application cut sheets clearly display each trim in a section view as well as wiring methods for better understanding. Our trained lighting experts would be happy to guide you to the right trim for your project. Check out our cabinet lighting gallery for inspiration.

Can I use the trim 3 extrusion on a shelf with a reveal?

Yes, the trim 3 extrusion is a unique solution specifically designed for shelves without reveals. The extrusion has the ability to be painted to match shelves or customized with matching wood veneer on site. It acts as a shelf reveal to disguise the light from plain view all while directing the light at the objects on display.

What does Elite require in terms of power?

All Elite and Ultra Lighting Strips operate on 24VDC Magnetic Drivers.  This allows for longer runs without voltage drop.  We offer Drivers ranging from 20 watt to 150 watt.  The Driver requirements are job specific based on the watts per foot multiplied by the amount of feet. Please refer to the Phantom magnetic driver page for load calculations and physical dimensions. In terms of power consumption, the load is minimal.

Can Elite be used in a radius cove?

It depends on the radius size of the cove.  Large radius applications are certainly doable however, smaller radius coves are a bit more of a challenge. Classic Series lights may be a better alternative since the trim has the flexibility to be notched in between the LED festoon lamps.

What is the maximum run capacity for Elite?

Trims 1, 2 & 3 – Maximum Run Length = 99 Watts or 45.0 Feet (2.2 WPF)
Trims 4, 5 & 6 – Maximum Run Length = 24 Watts or 8.2 Feet (3.0 WPF)

Does Phantom Elite come in RGB or only monochromatic colors?

We do not offer any of our LED light strips in color changing RGB (Red, Green, Blue).  However, we do offer monochromatic LED colors in shades if white, blue, red, green and amber. Blue is a popular color for media rooms.

How does the acrylic lens work on Phantom Elite trim 4, 5 & 6?

Acrylic lenses are used to hide the diodes from unsightly reflections and to provide a softer look overall. We use a high density 3.0 watts per foot LED tape that blends nicely against the lens with minimal visible hot spots. Adding the lens, does add to the cost and is well worth the investment.

What does lead orientation for Phantom Elite light strips mean?

All our products are custom built and made to order.  Lead orientation is simply where you would like the wires placed on each light strip as you face the application.  In other words, do you want the leads on the right or left, top or bottom?  This in important because you products will arrive completely assembled and we want you to have the best experience possible when installing our light strips. Not sure, refer to ordering matrix on each specific model.

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