Phantom Lighting Earns FB Permanent URL

Phantom Lighting Systems celebrates its new permanent Facebook URL, invites you to discover this new, expanding forum. This new forum does not require you to read all of the technical data catalogued on our main website.  Instead, it functions as a quick reference to all that we offer, and it is rapidly gaining ground in popularity and usage.
Since we launched our facebook account over 100+ users have indicated that they like our lighting manufacturing site. This influx of new users indicates the embryonic beginnings of a new community of professionals who have come together to explore new strategies for the innovative applications for custom lighting fixtures and art lighting projectors.
Architects have found our Facebook Lighting Fixtures page to contain a wealth of information on custom linear lighting products tailor made for cove and cabinet lighting application. Our growing client gallery showcases a number of projects in our recent history that demonstrate the superior quality of our proprietary LED festoon lamps. These products have proven invaluable in addressing the cove lighting requirements of hotel design, casino design, and custom home design. Architects are also finding our products to rank among some of the very best power-saving fixtures to use in the pursuit of lead certification.
Lighting contractors and engineers like our site because of its wealth of information on cost effective upgrades. Our LED festoon lamps are backward compatible with a broad spectrum of linear fixtures. When it comes to time to remodel cove and cabinet lighting systems, the only replacements that have to be purchased are the lamps themselves.  The exceptional bulb life ensures a return on investment through immediate power savings. Engineers are finding this quantifiable return to be a powerful line item in a competitive bidding situation.
Interior designers are also coming to facebook to find fine art lighting products that can be tailor made to their own creative designs. Phantom manufactures every linear strip to fit the unique dimensions of a ceiling cove or cabinet interior. A wide variety of mounting options exist to accommodate almost any design build on the custom market.  Our fixtures conceal themselves, so all the interior designer has to be concerned with is selecting the best color temperature to light the environment at hand.
Art consultants have also found a ready friend in  With an expanding gallery showcasing the unique lighting effects of our Phantom Contour Projectors, both art consultants and collectors have a ready frame of reference from which to begin inquiry into how Phantom light projectors can add value to their particular collection.
As you browse through our notes, walls, and photos today, please share your thoughts in our discussion section.  Your feedback will inform us of what your particular niche market most needs in light quality, color rendering, power savings, and special lighting effects.  Our engineering team continues to press forward in the development of new designs to meet challenges in all of these arenas.
Through the help of your insights and ongoing dialogue, we can continue to evolve the fixture that you never see, and the light that shines increasingly bright in your particular place in the market.
Feel free to contact us toll free at 800-863-1184, see us at Lightfair International, visit our mobile website, facebook wall, lighting blog or online lighting showroom to discover which Phantom Lighting products and models will best adapt to your particular lighting needs. Together, the professionals at Phantom Lighting will ensure that your next project is an astounding success.

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