Phantom Low Voltage Under Counter Lights Are Beneficial

Phantom TL series linear lighting fixtures are a perfect choice for low voltage kitchen under counter lighting applications.   Powered by low voltage transformers and fitted with dimmer controls, they can operate at the lowest of power levels without compromising functionality or decorative effect.  Phantom TL series linear fixtures are custom made to the exact dimensions of cabinet undersurfaces, and they can be fitted with incandescent, xenon, or a patented new form of LED festoon that will transform low voltage under counter light fixtures into a true source of luxury lighting.

Our unique LED festoon design is one of the most remarkable developments in recent low voltage kitchen under counter lighting technology.  Far different from previous generations of low-output and flat color LEDs, Phantom festoon lamps operate at only 0.6 watts, yet they generate the same amount of light as a 5 watt xenon lamp.  This represents a power savings in and of itself, combined with the fact that LED bulbs as a general rule require only 10% as much power as incandescent technology.  Phantom Lighting has also overcome the color temperature barriers of previous diode technology by creating warm tones with a historically cooler color temperature light source in kitchen cabinet lighting.  We have three different choices that can be selected by architects, builders, and interior decorators.  Custom kitchen designers often prefer the warm 2700K, which generates xenon-quality luminance and highly suitable to granite and marble counters.  Cooler color temperatures of 2950K and 5000K are also available if so preferred.

Phantom LED low voltage under counter lights are also engineered with proprietary, heat-reducing technology
.   Unlike an incandescent bulb, a Phantom festoon is actually a proprietary lamp designed with three led bulbs inside.  A special heat sink is also built into the festoon that draws the heat of the bulbs backward while the light is directed forward from the lamp and downward onto the surface of the counter.  This eliminates virtually all forward throw heat from our LED fixtures, and it gives the homeowner the option of leaving his or her under cabinet lights on throughout the evening and early morning hours with no risk of overheating the kitchen.  In most circumstances where this is done, though, people typically dim the LED or xenon under cabinet lights at night in order to create a more subdued and elegant effect.

This, in turn, creates yet another cost savings when we consider that heat of any kind, in any amount, always rises to the top of the room.  Even something as seemingly small and insignificant as an industry-standard, 12V under counter light will, over time, generate enough accumulated heat to raise room temperature by several degrees.  This of course increases HV/AC cooling costs for the kitchen, which is already one of the hottest rooms in the house.  With Phantom heat sink technology, decorative lighting can be operated at Spartan electrical costs.

But what about heat reduction with xenon and incandescent low voltage under cabinet lights?  To be honest, there is no effective method of fitting typical standard glass bulb housings with the same type of heat sinks we use with our LED festoon lamps.  However, there is still a way to minimize heat with traditional sourcing by using the dimmer controls to lower the wattage—and thereby the forward throw heat—of any Phantom low-voltage under counter lighting and cabinet lighting strip.   A 5 or even a 7 watt xenon bulb can be dimmed to a luminance level that is luxuriously decorative and simultaneously minimal in heat output.

Dimmer controls also extend the lamp life of any light source used with our under counter lighting fixtures.  While the lifespan of LED is typically 50,000 lamp hours regardless of whether or not they are periodically dimmed, a noticeable increase in lamp life can be observed for xenon and incandescent bulbs that are routinely dimmed to anywhere from 10%-75% full power when comparing LED festoon lamps.  Simply by reducing lighting intensity, people can expect their lamps to last for the anticipated maximum life expectancy, and, in some cases, perhaps even longer.

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