Phantom Ultra FAQs

What is Phantom Ultra LED lighting?

Phantom Ultra lighting strips are constructed with 4.2 watt per foot LED tape attached to custom aluminum mounting trims. We offer Ultra LED strip lights a variety of kelvin temperatures from warm to white at 1800K, 2100K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K & 4000K.

What CRI are Phantom Ultra strip lights?

All Phantom Ultra LED tape products are 94+ CRI (color rendering index).

What is the lumen output for Phantom Ultra LED lighting strips?

Actual lumen output varies by color temperature: 1800k produces 225 lumens, 2100k produces 260 lumens, 2700k produces 270 lumens, 3000k  produces 310 lumens, 3500k produces 325, 4000k produces 335 lumens per foot) Please refer to our LED color chart for additional information.

How difficult is Ultra LED to install?

Phantom Ultra lighting strips are custom fabricated to your exact dimensions making the process remarkably easy. Our various models (AC, AE, HM, TL, VM and CM) are designed to simplify the wiring process and provide you the best shielding options to hide the light source regardless of the mounting position.

What are the maximum run lengths for Ultra products?

Trims 1, 2 & 3 – Maximum Run Length = 97 Watts or 23.0 Feet) (4.2 WPF)
Trims 7 & 8 – Maximum Run Length = 49 Watts or 8.2 Feet (6.0 WPF)

Can I load a Phantom driver to full capacity??

Technically, yes. However it is always a good idea to allow a 20% safety factor to avoid overload or nuisance trips when selecting drivers by multiplying total wattage by twenty percent. (Wattage x 1.20)

To calculate amperage, divide total wattage by secondary voltage or 24 volts. (Watts/Voltage = Amperage).
Refer to driver specifications for specific load requirements and voltage drop information.

Can Phantom Ultra be used in closet applications?

Yes, Phantom Ultra strip lights are ETL Approved,  rated and listed for use in clothes closets, storage closets and other display applications.

How does the acrylic lens work on Phantom Ultra trim 7 & 8?

Lenses are used to hide the diodes from unsightly reflections and to provide a softer look overall. We use a high density tape at 6.0 watts per foot LED tape that blends nicely against the lens with minimal visible hot spots. Adding the lens, does add to the cost. These trims are quite large, so make sure you have the room for these specialized trims.

Does Ultra come in RGB or only monochromatic colors?

We do not offer any of our LED light strips in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) that are color changing.  However, we do offer monochromatic LED colors in various shades if white as well as blue, red, green and amber.

How do I Know what lead orientation for Elite strip lights?

All our products are custom designed and fabricated to order.  Lead orientation is simply which direction you would like the wires placed on the light strip as you face the application.  In other words, do you want the leads on the right or left, top or bottom?  This in important because you products will arrive completely assembled and we want you to have the best experience possible when installing our light strips. Not sure, refer to ordering matrix on each specific model.

Can I get my Ultra trims painted a custom color?

Yes, if you provide us a SKU number of your paint color we can accommodate your request for a small setup fee.  Our standard paint colors are available at no additional cost. Please review to our paint color chart for additional information.

How do I calculate total wattage of Ultra strip lighting?

You simply multiply 4.2 watts by the number of feet you are considering.  So, if you have a 10′ strip, that would be 4.2 X 10 = 42 Watts.  If you allow a 20% safety factor (42 X 1.20% = 50.4 watts) you will need a 60-watt driver.

When should I consider using Ultra over your Elite product?

Ultra is typically used in commercial applications or in displays that require higher light levels.  This is true in retail, jewelry stores and when lighting mineral collections where you want to see sparkle and pop for the objects on display.  You can always dim the lights if they are too bright.

Do you offer UL Rated wire for in wall applications?

All of the wiring we supply is rated for in wall applications. Our standard lead length is 120″ or 10′ from connector to end of wire.  We do offer wire by the foot if you are considering doing a remote driver application such as in kitchen for task lighting.  That way you can have a home run wire from the driver to each location to minimize wire clutter under the cabinet.

Where can I see images of Ultra lighting on your website?

The best place for viewing our products is either on our Facebook page or in our online cabinet lighting gallery. Here you will find a plethora of illuminating examples of our fine cabinet and furniture lighting sytems.

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