Picking Out The Most Suitable Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

There are many different types of cabinet lighting fixtures, or cove illumination, out on the market and their applications are limitless. Cove illumination is extremely durable and flexible, fitting into small, confined spaces where traditional illumination cannot fit. They are stylish, yet functional, able to illuminate food preparation areas in the kitchen or beloved great-grandmother’s antique heirlooms in the china cabinet. When choosing the most suitable cabinet lighting fixtures, a customer will need to decide on where the equipment is going to be placed and what mood they wish to create.

The most popular application of cove illumination is kitchen installations. It provides two functions in a kitchen. It is great for accentuating countertops and backsplashes, and it brightens a specific area making tasks easier and safer. Cove illumination can also be used in other rooms for bookcases, display shelving, and in closets. They are a safer, more efficient option for illumination than traditional options. There are two main types of bulbs used in cabinet lighting fixtures – xenon bulbs and LED bulbs.

Xenon Bulbs

Xenon is a gas and when heated produces a much brighter emanation than the heated filament in incandescent bulbs. Though brighter, they are much cooler, emitting less heat. These bulbs are more efficient than traditional incandescents are, and were once used exclusively as headlights in imported luxury cars. Their illumination is similar to daytime luminescence, producing a warmer, more natural illumination. They are easily dimmable and cheaper than LEDs. Unfortunately, they have only one-fifth the service life of LED bulbs, lasting about 10,000 hours. Xenon bulbs are an attractive option for people wanting the elegance cove illumination offers without breaking the bank to obtain it.

LED Bulbs

The latest and greatest in illumination, LEDs are the new trend in the world of lighting. LEDs have the longest service life at 50,000 hours. If an LED is used for four hours a day, it will last thirty years! They are highly energy efficient, costing pennies a year to operate. Their only downside is the initial cost output is high, but the money spent is recouped as they require no maintenance and fewer replacements. They come in a variety of color tones and are dimmable. With rising energy costs, LEDs are a smart option for customers wanting beautiful illumination without worrying about the monthly electric bill.

For cabinet lighting fixtures, there are two illuminating preferences – festoon lamp strips and ribbons. Deciding on which to use is dependent on the application. Xenon festoon lamps provide the most natural looking luminescence, give off no ultraviolet (UV) radiation, making them great for the kitchen or accentuating artwork. LED festoon lamps are also great for the kitchen. They are maintenance free, come in assorted color tones, and can create different moods depending on the hue casted. Festoon lamps are ideal for areas with curves and arches. If high-efficiency is wanted, LED ribbon strips are the answer. These are an excellent choice for ultra-confined spaces because of their low profile. They are the most energy efficient of the illumination choices.

Cabinet lighting fixtures are a marvelous way to upgrade a kitchen, garage, or accent specific areas of a home. There are various trim options available, so they are extremely versatile and can create a range of looks and moods. With greater stability, resilience, and energy efficiency, cove illumination is a wonderful way to brighten the home.

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