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The Phantom Remodeler LED Projector is an optical framing projector with remodeler IC-Rated housing, designed for fine art illumination in existing structures. When it comes to professional lighting art, nothing is more impressive or visually effective than an optical framing projector. A hidden light source with a controlled beam of light precisely illuminates the canvas for amazing results! Phantom Contour Projectors are designed by a professional installer and have been engineered so that anyone can complete the install. This option makes the remodeler LED projector easy to install and best performing art lighting fixtures on the market today.

One projector, multiple housings – the remodeler housing, designed to be retrofitted into any existing structure, is our most versatile and best-selling housing model.

Key Features of the Contour Projector

— User friendly design with detailed installation instructions
— Flexible for offset mounting to address reflective glare
— Multiple masking methods (shutters, templates, gobos)
— Variable Optics System for addressing long and short throws
— Special Achromatic focal lenses designed to eliminate blue lines
— Proprietary LED light engine with concentric parabolic reflector
— 3000K LED 90+ CRI with optional dichroic filters (2700K, 3500K, 4000K)
— Aluminum heat sink and active cooling fan
— Optional on-board 0-10V dimmer control
— IC-Rated housing for direct contact with insulation
— ETL Approved Conforms to UL STD 1598, Certified to CSA STD C22.2 NO.250.0

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