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We invite you to browse our three primary lighting product lines.

Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial design project, sourcing materials for a project, in the middle of constructing a project or reworking a project that didn’t quite work – leave the lighting to us.

We’ve mastered interior lighting design. We manufacture and sell proven high performance lighting products and have developed installation techniques that infuse luminosity and glamour into artworks, décor and architecture, throughout installation, and provide exceptional service after the sale.

We invite you to browse our three primary product lines – Art Lighting, Cabinet Lighting and Cove Lighting. As you search, remember that you are not alone. The Phantom Lighting team will work with you to identify the optimal lighting solution for your project, assist as an expert guide and knowledge source throughout installation, and provide exceptional service after the sale.

Art Lighting

Six distinctive lines of LED art lighting projectors feature our “lit from within” technology.


Cabinet Lighting

Six series of low voltage LED lighting strips can be installed discreetly in cabinetry, display cases, and fixed shelving.


Cove Lighting

Three series of LED Cove lighting products that can be installed in coves and ceilings for a modern luminous glow.


I have known Tom Kretzschmar for 30 years. He has provided art lighting, cabinet lighting and library lighting for us as we have moved from house to hi-rise. When we have guests there is always at least one person who stands in awe of the lighting on our art. I give credit to Tom. He makes our art come alive and the products he has designed and installed are amazing!

Julius & Suzan Glickman – Satisfied Customers

Our team will design a customized lighting solution for you and stay by your side throughout your project.