Projection Art Lights Are A Top Choice

Many illumination design companies now incorporate projection into their art lights for better performance and customization. While it isn’t the most practical solution for everyone, this method offers an incredible look that exudes professionalism and visual impact. In the past, one of the issues with this technology was how cumbersome it was to install in most settings. Phantom has streamlined it, producing a fixture that is easy to conceal and install while preserving the unique and sharp illumination that these fixtures offer.

Why is projection technology better for art lights?

Projection Art Lights From Phantom Lighting Systems

Track and recessed fixtures are still popular methods for display settings, but Phantom’s contour projector fixtures offer greater versatility than the others. Track fixtures are handy for drawing attention to a single area, so they can make a subject stand out. However, track fixtures are all tied together, so they cannot be individually dimmed or brightened, nor can a homeowner choose to shut any of them off individually. Track fixtures are also completely exposed, which some people don’t mind, but if a homeowner wants a seamless look and minimal visual clutter, track fixtures will disrupt both.

Recessed fixtures are much more subtle, as long as they are flush with the ceiling. They also offer a contemporary aesthetic and are found in high-end homes everywhere. The problem with recessed fixtures is their lack of versatility. Recessed fixtures will always produce a spread of illumination, so if the piece is switched out, the fixtures may no longer fit the subject properly.

Phantom’s contour fixtures don’t suffer from the same problems that track and recessed fixtures do. Contour fixtures are inside the ceiling using industry approved housing, and this housing is available in a number of models that allow for easier top access or bottom access, depending on the setting. Phantom also offers a compact housing model that is ideal for shallow ceilings placed between floors of a building. Because they are installed inside the ceiling, they are extremely subtle, as only the cover plate is visible. All of Phantom’s contour fixtures are also designed to be versatile as they can be dimmed and masked to create nearly any range of illumination needed. If fitted with Phantom’s adjustable shutters, a single fixture can provide contour illumination for a variety of rectangular and square shaped pieces. Contour fixtures can even be designed to produce contour illumination for a set of items, something that is impossible for track and recessed fixtures.

Professional venues have caught on to projection technology for their art lights, installing them when visual impact is a high priority. These venues often reserve the unique look that contour fixtures offer for a prized exhibit or for rotating out a set of pieces, giving each of them center stage. It’s yet another tool that Phantom offers for creating the perfect display setting.

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