Questions About LED Indirect Ceiling Illumination

How To Perform LED Indirect Ceiling IlluminationHow is LED indirect ceiling illumination used?

Diode fixtures now have a range of aesthetic applications, providing finely metered light in nearly any setting. In the home, this technology is ideal for lighting up interesting features and better defining a room’s curves and angles. Designers have long considered lighting to be an essential instrument in their toolbox as it can make a room appear larger, more cohesive and alive!

Given its aesthetic properties, this technology is best when installed above eye level and close to the ceiling, as it can create a soft wash of light that fills the entire space. This is essential for producing an agreeable visual effect.

What kinds of LED indirect ceiling illumination does Phantom offer?

Phantom offers two of the most sophisticated diode light strips on the market, the Elite and the Ultra. The Elite can run 30 foot per feed and produces 130 lumens of light per foot. The Ultra has a maximum run length of 40 feet per feed  and emits 200 lumens per foot. For larger rooms, multiple feeds from the driver are required for a continuous look. These output levels are among the highest available, so they can fit a room of nearly any size.

Usually, this much power requires a great deal of energy, but the Elite and Ultra are designed with efficiency in mind as well. The Elite and Ultra, at 3.5 watts per foot and 4.7 watts per foot respectively, achieve input to output ratios that competing products can’t match. Some homeowners are concerned with the price of diode technology as it typically costs a bit more than incandescent or gas discharge lighting. However, the sheer efficiency Phantom’s diode fixtures offer means they will eventually eclipse inferior lighting methods in terms of cost. From day one, it will be obvious just how superior they are to incandescent and fluorescent technology aesthetically.

The Elite and Ultra also come with extended operating lifespans, which means homeowners can further take advantage of their efficiency. On average, Phantom’s diode fixtures will last several years and may last for significantly longer. With a longer life comes less frequent replacement and lower long-term operating costs as a result.

Can Phantom’s LED indirect ceiling illumination products be customized?

In addition to their superior power efficiency, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are available in a range of options. Both can be designed to produce a number of monochromatic hues, including red, blue, green, amber and pink. Colored lighting is ideal for commercial settings like restaurants, night clubs or music venues.

Each fixture is also customizable with one of several color temperature settings. These range from 2300 Kelvin, which closely mirrors the warm incandescent hues that homeowners prefer, to 4000 Kelvin, which mimics cooler fluorescent tones.

What if my home has an unusually shaped ceiling?

Homes with unique room designs are some of the best settings for Phantom’s lighting. For many manufacturers and designers, these areas can be a challenge, which is why the Elite and Ultra are built to fit anywhere. During the installation, Phantom works with the installer to create light strips perfectly sized for the space. Both the Elite and Ultra are modular and can also be cut at 4” or 6” intervals to ensure an ever tighter fit, if necessary.

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