9 Reasons You Should Be Using LED Festoon Lighting

LED festoon lighting is not just the future of illumination, it is also the present. There are dozens of reasons to make the switch to diode technology, and both homeowners and business owners can reap the benefits. It wasn’t always this way. Diode fixtures were first developed in the 60s, but were incapable of anything more than low power, red illumination. It wasn’t until 1994 that the first high intensity fixtures were created, and most of the advancements in the technology were made after 2000. However, diode fixtures have improved radically in the last 10 years, to the point where they outperform incandescent and fluorescent fixtures by nearly every metric. The technology is officially a commercial success as well, as the market for diode fixtures is expected to expand by about 12 times over the next decade.

What are the benefits of LED festoon lighting?

It’s difficult to narrow down the list to under 10 items, but here it is, the top nine reasons why homeowners and business owners should consider diode fixtures for their purposes:

  1. Diode fixtures are much more efficient than incandescent and halogen fixtures. Diode fixtures, when compared to incandescent bulbs, expend up to 80 percent less energy. Compared to halogen fixtures, diodes expend about 75 percent less energy. Though this number varies depending on the quality of the diode fixture, the energy savings are significant, no matter what.
  2. Diode fixtures emit close to zero radiant heat, and zero UV radiation. This makes LED festoon lighting the ideal choice for illuminating delicate materials like artwork and photography. Injury and fire risks are also greatly reduced.
  3. Diode fixtures are extremely durable. Diodes are made with stable components that can resist shock and impact. Consider how fragile incandescent bulbs are in comparison, as they can be destroyed if lightly jostled.
  4. Diode fixtures are exceedingly reliable. Incandescent and fluorescent systems are imperfect by design, and may wear out suddenly or lose illumination quality quickly. Diode fixtures operate using a semiconductor die that is precise down to the electron. This means perfectly steady illumination output.
  5. Diode fixtures can be customized to produce any color. Warm, neutral or cool, LED festoon lighting can be set to one of several color temperatures and hues.
  6. Diode fixtures offer unmatched longevity. On average, a diode fixture will offer about 50,000 hours of performance, which is several times more than incandescent and halogen bulbs.
  7. Diode fixtures switch on immediately. No warm up time means diode fixtures are ideal for infrastructure projects like traffic and warning systems.
  8. Diode fixtures can be dimmed. With the addition of dimmer controls, a diode illumination system can be instantly configured to any level of output, from low and intimate, to bright and intense.
  9. Diode fixtures are much better for the environment. Diodes contain no harmful substances, are completely recyclable, and carry a scant carbon footprint, making them the most Earth-friendly fixtures available.

So, there’s the top nine reasons why LED festoon lighting is always the right decision. But perhaps the most encouraging thing about the technology is that it is still improving all the time, and further cementing its position as the best illumination technology available.