Recessed Lighting Projectors For Residential & Commercial

Recessed lighting is widely popular in the design community and considered the standard for general, accent, and task lighting in both residential and commercial applications. Recessed lights feature mounts and fixtures made for inconspicuous installation in the surface of drywalls and ceilings. Manufacturers such as Phantom Lighting take great care when engineering these devices to make them easy to install with minimal need to cut into building materials. Phantom art lighting projectors in recessed housings deliver maximum aesthetic results with minimal visibility.

Recessed lighting fixtures come in four basic housing types. The choice of which of these housings to use in a lighting project depends on the stage of construction, ceiling conditions and desired look of the finished installation. Whether new construction or in an existing ceiling, there is a Phantom Contour Housing that is ideally suited to the application.  When ceiling conditions permit, the use of the FF Series “Float Finish” housing provides a zero sight line installation, which has the least visible presence in the ceiling.  In other cases, the standard cover plate can still be rendered less apparent by painting it to match the ceiling.

Recessed art lighting projectors can install in drywall or plaster ceilings to provide a unique “glow from within” presentation of the artwork being illuminated. Because of their inconspicuous nature, Phantom projectors conceal themselves in the ceiling and avoid the visual distraction created by certain forms of picture lighting. Collectors can create unique and specific lighting themes using a Phantom projector and make it appear that the light is coming from within the artwork. The projector itself remains hidden in the meantime, adding mood and mystique to the lighting experience.

Recessed lighting proves highly effective even in rooms with sloped ceilings. Because sloped ceilings present challenges for proper placement and mounting, always do your homework before purchasing any recessed lighting equipment that claims it works well on a sloped ceiling. Sometimes the Phantom Projector is the only viable option one can install in a sloped ceiling—especially in a custom home made with rare materials or in a public art gallery with highly eclectic architecture. Some buildings, however, simply cannot house standard recessed lighting equipment without damage to materials and/or a diminished quality of illumination. In such cases, Phantom can adapt its Contour Surface Mount Projector into a recessed track lighting system designed specifically for illuminating the artwork.

If you have any questions about the viability of our equipment in your particular home, office, or gallery, contact Phantom Lighting for a free phone consultation. Phantom lighting will help you determine equipment viability and resolve any mounting and installation dilemmas you may be facing. We will also help you with routine maintenance and replacement questions.

Recessed lighting solutions from Phantom Lighting offer the added value of expert consultation and unique, proprietary technology such as the Phantom Contour Projector. Call us today for the best advice and widest variety of art lighting equipment options found nowhere else in our industry.