LED Cabinet Lighting – A Comprehensive Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to LED Cabinet Lighting

Inside led cabinet lighting is something a lot of homeowners don’t think about when decorating their home, but these fixtures offer a major enhancement to any built-in shelving units or freestanding display furniture pieces. Display furniture is typically used to show off a treasured collection, be it photos, sports memorabilia, books, artwork or something else. The point of a collection is to impress visitors and remind the homeowner of certain life events or important time periods and without the right fixtures, the collection will not be showcased in its best light. Fortunately, Phantom offers a number of led cabinet lighting fixtures for this type of display and can be fitted into nearly any application. In this article, we will be discussing the many benefits of adding Phantom LED cabinet lighting to the displays in your home.

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Phantom’s Cabinet Lighting Systems Offer Unparalleled Enhancement to Your Displays

Phantom’s LED cabinet lighting is one of the most luxurious enhancements you can make to the displays in your home it is simply the best under cabinet lighting led. The visual impact created by a finely-tuned led cabinet lighting system is unparalleled in terms of interior design. Our recessed LED linear lighting systems are available in a variety of options that make them the perfect building blocks for any lighting design project.

With Phantom’s proprietary concealed mounting and wiring methods, no visible fixtures will interfere with your displays or the high-quality illumination we’re known for, giving the meaning to our motto, “see the light, not the fixture.”

Cabinet Lighting Ideas & Design Advice

The lighting designers at Phantom have years of experience manufacturing LED cabinet lighting fixtures and would be more than happy to help you come up with a lighting design plan for your home or business. These are some of the areas in a home where cabinet lighting can be the most beautiful and beneficial:

  • Kitchens, cocktail bars, and butler’s pantries – Cabinets that hold glassware and/or dishes can be enhanced greatly by the right cabinet lighting. The light interacts with the reflective surfaces of glassware or silver and brings out the details in china or other dishes, not only making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, but putting your items on display like never before.
  • Living rooms, home offices, and libraries – Cabinetry in living rooms and offices typically contains books, framed photos, and a variety of décor objects. All of these things can be transformed into a museum-quality display with the right cabinet lighting. Because Phantom’s cabinet lighting systems use LED technology, your items will be safe no matter how long the lights are left on. With dimmable cabinet lighting, find book titles with ease and bring out the nuances of your décor, all while creating a unique and inviting mood within the room itself.
  • Walk-in closets – Proper cabinet lighting is the perfect way to transform your walk-in closet into a luxury boutique. Put your purses, shoes, and jewelry in their best light and make it easier to find the right accessory for any outfit.
  • Wine cellars – Phantom LED cabinet lighting is perfect for wine cellars, liquor collections, or bottle displays because it increases both the form of the display and the function of the space. You’ve no doubt spent a lot of time and money on your wine collection, so consider cabinet lighting the final enhancement to your investment. Because our systems utilize LED technology, there is no forward-thrown heat created that could interfere with an enclosed or climate-controlled space.
  • Displays – No matter what collection of objects you’ve chosen to display in your home or business, Phantom cabinet lighting makes them appear as though they are part of a high-quality museum exhibit. The things you put on display are important and there is no better way to emphasize that than with proper lighting, which enhances the colors, brings out the details, and creates dynamic shadows.

These are just a few of the places throughout a home that benefit greatly from cabinet lighting – the possibilities are endless with Phantom’s variety of mounting methods and trim profiles. If you are a business owner or proprietor of a retail space, Phantom’s adjustable LED cabinet lighting series are the perfect addition to any retail display because the shelves can be adjusted without the need for rewiring – click here to learn more.

What are the benefits of display cabinet lighting fixtures?

  1. A unique method of lighting – Inside cabinet lighting brings out the best in valuable items and more, in China cabinets, curio cases or hutches. Especially LED light strips. These lights are an efficient way to showcase an individual piece or illuminate an entire collection. The right lights can bring a display to life. There are numerous lighting options available for any project.
  2. The bulbs last longer – Display cabinet lighting fixtures not only look attractive when lit, but they are also extremely efficient. LED lights do not produce as much warmth or waste as much energy as the incandescent types. They rarely burn out, are cost effective to power, and much more durable than traditional glass lamps.
  3. Lower temperatures – As mentioned above, display LED cabinet lighting fixtures stay cool to the touch. As a result, they do not damage the items on display like exposure to intense heat so often does. Lower temperatures mean that they are ideal for lighting display cabinets and for saving energy. Being as green as possible is good for the environment as well as the wallet.
  4. Applications – Cabinet lighting can be used to enhance the look of art pieces, paintings, photographs, old books, sculptures, memorabilia, and more. Sophisticated lighting will enrich the look of any collection of items you’ve chosen to put on display.
  5. Customization – Depending on the home or business owner’s needs, there is virtually a solution for every requirement. Small recessed lighting is a good option that will give a display case or China cabinet a clean, bright look. Strip lighting is a solution that is relatively straightforward to set up, and control of all lighting can be accomplished with one switch. Phantom’s strip lighting systems can be considered the building blocks to create any lighting project our clients can imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions

LED Cabinet Lighting

How long do LED cabinet lights typically last?
LED cabinet lights, like most other LED lights, have a rated life of around 30,000 hours, though many will last far longer. How long is 30,000 hours? If operated 24 hours a day, a light rated for 30,000 hours will last for nearly 3.5 years, and if operated for 12 hours a day, that light will provide almost 7 full years of illumination. No other technology compares to LED in the longevity department, and this keeps replacement frequency and operating costs down.

How do Phantom cabinet light systems work?
There are several proprietary components of Phantom’s cabinet lighting systems that make them the premiere option on the market in terms of display illumination. We’ve written an article that explains each of these components in detail – click here to learn more.

Are LED cabinet lights dimmable?
It depends. Not every LED light is dimmable, though many are. Whether a fixture is dimmable or not is rarely apparent just by looking at it. In most cases, you’ll have to check with the manufacturer to know for sure. If you’re working with a cabinet lighting designer, they will usually have dimmable LED lights available, so no calls to the manufacturer are necessary.

It’s not enough to have dimmable LED cabinet lights, though, because LED fixtures aren’t compatible with leading edge dimmers. Leading edge dimmers are used with incandescent fixtures and are the most common in residential buildings. They are calibrated for dealing with higher wattage fixtures, and this includes incandescent lights. LED lights are on the other end of the wattage spectrum, as they require much less energy to output the same amount of illumination. This is great for efficiency, but it means leading edge dimmers may not handle LED lights properly. For example, the dimming range may be reduced when pairing a leading edge dimmer with an LED fixture. Since LEDs operate at such low wattages, the dimmer may consider the LED light “off” when it is really set at a low output level.

Trailing edge dimmers are the solution to this problem, as they are calibrated specifically for LED fixtures and their low wattages. With a trailing edge dimmer, and a dimmable LED fixture, homeowners have the same level of control that a comparable incandescent or xenon system could provide. Trailing edge dimmers can be installed quickly and inexpensively by an experienced electrician.

Will my photos and decorative objects be safe under these lights?
Absolutely. Phantom’s cabinet lighting systems utilize LED technology, which doesn’t produce any heat or UV radiation, so anything you put on display will be safe while it is beautifully illuminated! If you have an existing halogen cabinet lighting system and are worried about the heat produced by this older technology, we now offer retrofit LED festoon lamps.

Can Phantom’s cabinet lights be installed in a free-standing piece of furniture?
Yes – Phantom’s cabinet lighting systems are perfect for free-standing furniture, including corner cabinets! Click here to read more about lighting curio cabinets and antique furniture.

What makes Phantom systems better than the kind I can buy at a big-box store?
There is a stark difference between garden variety fixtures at a retail store, and the expertly crafted fixtures that an illumination design firm like Phantom offers. Phantom’s cabinet lighting systems are custom-built to the exact specifications of your cabinetry, not pre-made in a range of “standard” sizes. Our wiring systems are concealed, increasing the aesthetic result. Brightness isn’t enough to properly illuminate a display – Phantom’s cabinet lighting systems are controlled, subtly metered, and versatile. Our aiming trims, with shielded or lensed profiles, allow unparalleled control of the light’s direction, which makes a huge difference compared to the results achieved by a standard cabinet light, which blasts light in all directions, creating hotspots and dark zones.

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If you have any questions about led cabinet lighting or are ready to get started on enhancing the displays in your home or business, give Phantom Lighting a call toll-free at 800-863-1184 or request a quote using our online form. We look forward to working with you!