It is entirely possible to execute high-quality cove lighting while using standard cove molding, and even when the architectural feature is not present, a fixture expert can install it as well. In fact, it can be beneficial for a fixture expert to install a concealing surface, as it ensures that the fixtures will be arranged and metered optimally.In short, homeowners should consider the project a major upgrade to a room’s look, and one that can be put together in short order by an experienced installer.

An installer can execute cove lighting while using standard cove molding, as this decorative surface provides an ideal spot to place and conceal the fixtures. It is placed near the top of the room, and is built with a narrow shelf that perfectly accommodates the LED strips. When switched on, the strips will bounce soft illumination off the top of the wall and off the ceiling, providing an interesting visual accent to the space.

A few infrastructure additions do need to be made to integrate the system into a space, but an installer can take of this. For example, an electrical box and outlet will need to be installed close to where the fixtures will be placed, but the outlet can be concealed as well, so it won’t affect the system’s appearance. In fact, all extra components, such as dimmers and drivers, are concealed from view, so all that is visible is the beautiful illumination that the fixtures will add to the space.