With low profile LED fixtures installed for under cabinet lighting applications, a homeowner can completely change the look of their kitchen. When designed and installed by professionals, task illumination can make a room feel more sophisticated, more spacious, and even cleaner.

Of course, the extra illumination helps with various duties in the kitchen as well, giving people the brightness they need to cut ingredients, write a quick note, or clean everything. Getting the best combination of form and function, though, takes a high quality and reliable fixture.

Xenon under counter lights are better than halogen.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra strips are up for the job, and offer an unbeatable mix of power, precision, and efficiency. They are low profile LED fixtures, perfect for under cabinet lighting installations and anywhere else there is little space to work with. This compact build doesn’t come at a cost of power, either, as the Elite and Ultra are some of the brightest diode fixtures available.

The installer will work with Phantom to produce a custom system, which ensures the fixtures will fit perfectly into the space, and also ensures the color matches as well. And even though Phantom’s diode strips are sophisticated pieces of technology, they can be installed quickly and require almost zero maintenance for several years after installation. In short, they are ideal for the busy family that wants a professional look without the upkeep that normally comes with it.