With under counter LED lighting, a homeowner can take advantage of a system that adds both function and form to a space. In most cases, these fixtures are placed in the kitchen, where a few smartly placed fixtures can make a huge difference in how the room looks, and by extension, how the house feels.

Every day, the kitchen is where the family gathers, where visitors spend much of their time, and where people build a lot of their memories. It’s the kind of space that deserves high end fixtures, and Phantom can help a homeowner achieve the best results.

Xenon under counter lights are better than halogen.

Under counter LED lighting adds another visual layer to the room, providing a nice midpoint between the floor and overhead fixtures. It eliminates any shadows below wall mounted cabinetry and can bring out the color from the backsplash or artwork in the kitchen. It’s not called task illumination for no reason, though, as these fixtures are installed with a purpose as well. They are placed beneath cabinetry so they emit illumination along the counters. This gives people in the kitchen additional visibility when preparing food or cleaning, and that extra bit of illumination can prevent eye strain and prevent someone from making a painful mistake, like accidentally slicing a finger when chopping produce. It’s rare that a set of fixtures can make a room look better while also improving its function, but Phantom’s diode fixtures are one of the few technologies that can do just that.