With under mount cabinet lighting, all of those interesting colors and angles a homeowner appreciates in their kitchen can finally be brought out. The kitchen is the home’s heart, and where family usually gathers to talk, entertain, and make memories. It’s only natural, then, that a homeowner would want their kitchen to be as inviting as possible. Task illumination placed over the countertops is one way to get there, and requires minimal effort to set up.


Aesthetics, though, is not the only reason why under mount cabinet lighting is a smart option. It’s called task illumination because it can be a major help in the kitchen. Because it sits just a couple feet away from the countertop, it can provide a bright spot of illumination to prepare food or clean dishes by. At night, the fixtures can provide enough illumination to see by, and if the fixtures are tied to dimmer controls, the output level can be kept low enough so they don’t annoy anyone at night. As the kitchen is normally a centrally located room, an extra bit of illumination can make the home much safer.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are a strong choice for task illumination, as they can be custom fit to any space. Prior to installation, the installer will measure out the placement spots and give these measurements to Phantom, which will then produce the fixtures to fit. And with several color temperatures to choose from, a homeowner will be able to find a form of illumination that best pairs with the kitchen’s colors and designs.