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Phantom™ Elite AE Series LED light strips are designed for
adjustable shelf and cabinet linear lighting applications and
represent a breakthrough in strip lighting technology due
to proprietary wiring methods. Imagine having the ability to
freely move your lighted shelves without rewiring, using only
a phillips head screwdriver! These low profile cabinet lights
are easily concealed regardless of the shelf design, giving
new definition to the phrase, “See the Light, Not the Fixture.”

Custom mounting trims establish the optimum aiming
angle which allows the contents of any cabinet to be
illuminated to a precise degree at the highest level of
aesthetics yet to be seen. Strips are precut to any desired
length to be custom fitted to moveable shelves. There are no
visible wires and shelf positions can be changed without any
rewiring whatsoever. Strips are dimmable using a magnetic
low voltage dimmer and produce a quality of consistent color
and lumen output unmatched by competing products.

Phantom Lighting