Installing adjustable lighting for your merchandizing needs is the kind of move a forward-thinking shop owner makes. There is an incredible amount of research out there that demonstrates just how important illumination is to a business’s reputation and success. But even with this research, many shop owners don’t take commercial fixtures seriously.

Part of the reason might be because most fixtures are rather inflexible once installed, and moving them around takes the help of an expensive technician. This is no longer a problem with Phantom’s LED fixtures.


Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strips are the best option in adjustable lighting for merchandizing purposes. They aren’t hamstrung by the exposed wiring that holds other fixtures back, instead relying on buss bars to deliver power to the fixtures. The buss bars also function as shelf supports, so there is almost no downtime for the fixtures when changing up a display.

Any experienced shop owner will tell you that the key to selling products is presentation. After a while, the same old display will grow stale and people will stop buying. Something as simple as changing up the shelf arrangement, though, can pay off big dividends, and with fixtures that can reposition with them, it’s possible to get an amazing number of displays with minimal effort. In short, it’s one of the few no-brainer business decisions out there.