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The best art lighting fixture for a particular setting has to be powerful, efficient and flexible enough to offer the right spread of illumination.

There is no one technology that offers this in every situation, but optical framing projectors come close.

Optical framing projectors offer an incredible mix of output and versatility and are considered by most experts to be the gold standard for art lighting fixtures and a go to resource for displaying paintings and sculptures. With several projector models to choose from, they can be fitted to nearly any setting.

best art lighting fixture

There are several reasons why experts consider an optical framing projector to be the best art lighting fixture available on the market. Power is one, and Phantom Lighting’s projectors use an intense LED light source coupled with a unique lensing apparatus. This keeps the beam focused, sharp and even. Phantom’s projectors are available in several models, including one that is designed for top access only, one that is ideal for new construction, and one made for remodeling applications. They can be installed in shallow and deep ceilings, small and large rooms alike. All Phantom recessed optical projectors are IC-Rated for direct contact with insulation of any type.

Finally, optical framing projectors can be adjusted during and following installation to ensure an optimal fit. A rotating cradle allows for near 360 degree aiming, along with multiple angle settings to set a vertical position. Phantom’s optical framing projectors are also compatible with one of a few masking techniques, each of them designed to eliminate spill illumination and ensure only the subject is lit properly. The effect is truly unique, as it makes the subject appear as if it is glowing from within.

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