Since the advent of efficient illumination, residential and commercial property owners have been searching for what an LED cove light provides: an inexpensive and beautiful way to brighten up a dark space. While people may be tempted to go with a traditional incandescent or fluorescent fixture, a linear lighting strip powered by diodes can offer more than just sufficient illumination. This technology is safe, inexpensive to operate, and can fit into any space. This versatility gives an installer a myriad of options when improving the look of a room.

Commercial buildings like banks, hotels, restaurants, and offices are usually adorned with small spots of illumination that seem to melt into the background. This provides ambience and class without distracting an observer. An LED cove light, though, can provide better illumination with less energy. The diodes used in this technology are the most advanced available for illumination purposes. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, which expend much of their energy on producing heat, diodes use the vast majority of it on producing illumination. This makes it safer and more efficient to operate. Diodes work with a small semiconductor die that is altered to produce an electric gradient. When the device is switched on, electrons that have been moved out of place shift to a stable location. This process releases a mass of photons.

Even though these fixtures can be customized to produce any hue or intensity of illumination, they can do it with less than a single watt. Phantom’s fixtures group six of these diodes together in a single low-profile device. Together they can produce about 40 lumens of illumination. Competing fixtures produce between 15 and 20 lumens, which means a duller look. For this reason, many electricians and architects consistently pick Phantom for their illumination needs.