A Phantom Lighting fixture operates best with factory assistance from the outset. Although homeowners are used to basic illumination that is strictly functional, professional designers and architects know that the best way to achieve strong aesthetic illumination is with a flexible, customizable product. If an illumination product can only work in a single setting, at a single configuration, then it’s not going to make the list for most experienced professionals. That’s because unforeseen obstacles are standard when installing illumination products, and it’s best to work with a manufacturer that can remain versatile.

Versatility is the guiding concept behind each Phantom Lighting fixture, and factory assistance goes a long way to getting the product there. Manufacturing and design experts can do a lot with a product, altering its dimensions for a better fit, or suggesting an alternative that meets the professional’s needs better. For example, Phantom offers five optical framing projector models, each tailored to a certain setting. While they are similar in function, one performs better in new construction, while another works better in homes with only top access. Support personnel should not only be able to make meaningful alterations to a product, but also match the client with the product they could use best.

This process is intended to be as responsive as possible, so professionals can get the product they need and move on to system design and installation right away. That’s sure to make a homeowner or other client happy.

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