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Impress friends and family with the unique feature that LED lighting cabinet systems have to offer. Add illumination without any exposed wiring or hardware for a sleek, beautiful finish. Though some installations can be a possible DIY project, it is important to speak with a specialist to avoid messy installations. The experts at Phantom Lighting are here to help create the perfect plan tailored to the every type of room, cabinet, or art feature. Invest a small amount of time to research the different types of features that can be installed.

The catalog with cut out sheets is a great tool for homeowners, engineers, and designers. Every installation should begin with the cut out catalog, because it can help visualize the end result. Installing illumination can be tricky and may require some experience and an eye for illumination design. The catalog is a perfect place to begin as it includes specifications for every product and what it can do. The type of bulb is an aspect of installation that should be considered before purchase. Every product has a light source that can change the atmosphere and mood of a room. Phantom offers LED lighting systems, halogen, xenon, and incandescent illumination for a variety of uses.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to an agent for a free design consultation or for any applicable questions. Contact Phantom Lighting by calling toll-free at 800-863-1184 or filling out our online request form to get started with a LED lighting design plan for the cabinetry in your home or business!

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