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Strong art light placement is, perhaps, the most important element of an attractive creative display. With the proper setup, it is possible to eliminate glare and shadows, and it is possible to create a powerful look.

It takes a little foresight, though, and a little planning, which is why it is best to bring on an illumination expert to facilitate the process. With expert assistance, you won’t have to waste time cutting holes in the ceiling that may not work.

Contour Projector really highlights artwork!

In fact, homeowners may not realize exactly where such a fixture can go. Art light placement is usually focused on the ceiling, but Phantom’s contour framing projectors are more versatile than that. Some homeowners don’t want to alter their ceiling, so a surface mount projector makes more sense. And surface mount projectors can go just about anywhere, including on top of tall furniture.

It may seem like the best spot to put the fixture is right in front of the subject, but it often makes more sense to offset it. This is because setting the projector off to the side will direct any glare off to the side of the room as well. Pushing away the glare ensures the painting looks nice from most viewing angles. Shadows are an easier problem to handle and are normally caused by deeper frames. Setting the projector a little further back can fix this.

While projector setup issues can be overcome, you want to figure it out before installing the fixture. Phantom’s experts take the guesswork out of the process, ensuring that the projector works as intended the moment it is installed.

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