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In the right spots, awesome shelf lighting can make a huge difference for a display and, by extension, how a room looks. Of course, every homeowner has their own idea of what looks nice and what doesn’t, but in general, fixtures that can be precisely metered will offer the best appearance.

That’s a challenge with many fixtures, and homeowners often have to settle for a look that is a bit too bright, a bit too dark, or just poorly arranged. Phantom’s shelf lighting fixtures are not limited in this way, as they are extremely flexible and can be set up in a myriad of ways.


Awesome adjustable shelf lighting starts with raw power, as even the most delicate and beautiful fixture will be ineffective if it is not bright enough. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra strip fixtures are capable of excellent intensity, with the Elite producing 130 lumens of illumination per linear foot, and the Ultra creating 200 lumens of output with each linear foot. This intensity can be hemmed in when needed using Phantom’s dimmer controls and shaped with one of Phantom’s aiming trims. And because the fixtures are completely concealed from view, there is no annoying glare to worry about or the chance that the fixtures will stick out like an ugly, sore thumb.

Premium illumination has to be noticeable enough to draw attention, and subtle enough not to take over the space. Finding this perfect medium is a challenge, but with the Elite and Ultra’s flexibility and impressive power, they are up for it.

Once installed, these cabinet lighting products will place your collection of precious belongings front and center. As a collection grows, Phantom’s fixtures will adapt to them. For more information on our custom LED lighting products please contact us toll free at 1-800-863-1184 or online using our request quote form.

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