What is the best type of lighting for a free-standing bookcase?
If the bookcase has already been built, we recommend installing Phantom AE (Adjustable Exposed Bookcase Lights) series linear lighting strips. These bookcase lights are ideal for remodelers because they are designed to be installed in bookcases that have already been built.

In most cases, there are metal buss bars in these bookcases that can function as the main conduits of power to the low voltage lighting system. If not, we can supply you with buss bars to install with the lighting strips.

Can Phantom bookcase lights be built into a unit at the time of manufacture?
Yes. We have another line of linear strips, the AC (Adjustable Concealed Bookcase Lights) series that is intended to be built into new-construction cabinets and bookcases. The AC series is used by a great variety of contractors, including cabinet makers, general contractors, and even electrical specialists.

What advantages do these strip lights offer over other forms of bookcase lighting?
Concealment is the most important attribute of these luxury lighting fixtures. Both the AC and AE series are very slim, low profile linear strip lights that are custom-manufactured to specific shelf dimensions. They mount on the front under surface of each shelf, hidden from open view.

Phantom linear bookcase lights feature some ingenious engineering found nowhere else in the world of cabinet lighting design. We have patented a virtually wireless cabinet lighting fixture that negates the need for both gangly wiring and problematic battery power. Using buss bars and metal shelf supports, we have engineered linear strip technology to use metallic structures that are either built into the cabinet or retrofitted to its surface as conductors of low-voltage current. This current neither generates heat nor presents any risk of shock, and is essentially the safest form of bookcase lighting to utilize for eclectic displays and collections of older books whose covers and pages are exceptionally sensitive.

Because these bookshelf lights utilize buss bars and metal shelf supports as electrical conductors, there is no visible wiring, either, to clutter the display.

How can Phantom Lighting provide such specialized lighting on a customized application basis?
We rely upon a sophisticated internal consultation, manufacturing, and distribution process flow that coordinates the production of the product with our client’s project itself. When a professional contacts our office, we first determine if this is going to be a new build out or retrofitting project. Once that determination is made, we gather detailed information on the scope of the project, the dimensions of the bookcase we will be lighting, and even the contents that will be displayed within that case. This allows us in turn to choose not only the right linear strip series, but the appropriate festoon lamping options as well. The factory then produces the strips, which are then sent to the client’s location. For large projects, our agent network acts as a distribution and technical support channel. These experts help contractors; interior decorators customize both select and customize the lighting strips to bookcases, displays, coves, armoires, and even antique furnishings. Large projects such as these require a great deal of consultation and technical support, which are Agents are happy to provide to the general contractor and the specialty interior designer.

Phantom linear strips have earned the reputation of being some of the most unobtrusive fixtures for this type of lighting, and have led to the coining of our motto, “see the light, not the fixture.” Visit our online gallery here, and visit our phantom website to read more about such topics as cove lighting, curio cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting, and retail display lighting.

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