Bookcase lighting using LED fixtures makes sense on a number of levels. Paper is sensitive to high intensity illumination, discoloring in the presence of heat and UV radiation. This is particularly troublesome when displaying classic and rare texts, and it often leaves homeowners at a crossroads.

Should you risk aging the text faster and place it under illumination, or should you just keep the text safe in the dark, where no one will see it? Fortunately, diode fixtures have eliminated the need to answer this dilemma because they are completely safe to use around paper and canvas.

How To Use In Cabinet Lighting For Display Furniture

Diode fixtures can be configured in one of several color temperatures, and the best choice will depend on what kind of texts a homeowner intends to display. For example, classic and older texts are usually bound with covers that are black, dark green or dark brown in color, and these interact best with warmer, incandescent tones. For comics and texts with brighter, bold covers, natural white fixtures will interact with the subject best, as they will render the covers’ color most accurately.

In either case, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are the systems of choice for homeowners looking for bookcase lighting that’s using LED technology. With multiple color options and dimmer controls, a homeowner can find the perfect look for texts of any kind.