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People spend a lot of time and resources putting their homes together, and cabinet LED display lights ensure this effort does not go to waste.

They are perfect for showing off any number of precious mementos, like books, photos or artwork, and Phantom also offers adjustable fixtures that can be moved around if a homeowner wants to change up the look. It’s not just about aesthetics, though, as these fixtures can also provide some needed illumination in the space.

led display lights

Phantom produces two cabinet LED display lights for residential and commercial settings. Both the Elite and Ultra are extremely powerful and extremely efficient, by virtue of their diode technology. Diodes use a semiconductor die to precisely transfer an electrical charge. This means you don’t have to worry about radiant heat, which means no fire hazard and no accidental burns. Families with young children that like to explore can especially appreciate that.

The Elite and Ultra are fitted with dimmer controls and glare shields, and they are metered precisely to make for a softer appearance. This is an important design mark, as it helps the fixtures blend into the background while offering beautifully crafted illumination. Designers constantly talk about contrast and visual layering, the idea being that presenting multiple colors, shapes and designs in a space makes for a more attractive look. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures provide this extra visual layering, encouraging people to explore the space.

Whether you want a space that appears intimate or sophisticated, dynamic or soothing, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are the smart choice.

Check out our cabinet lighting spec sheets for more product information or cabinet lighting installation instructions.

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