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Cabinet light accessories are essential to getting the optimal look from a set of LED or xenon strip fixtures, and fixture designers know how to use them to great effect. When it comes to strip fixtures and the aesthetic illumination they produce, the real work involves metering and angling the illumination just right. Even with the best fixtures available, they have to be placed and directed perfectly to give the homeowner what they are looking for.

And that’s where cabinet light accessories come in, as they are designed to greatly refine the fixtures’ illumination. Among these components are aiming trims, which are designed to shield the fixture from view and provide an optimal angle to meter the illumination. Phantom offers several trim options with every strip model, giving homeowners and designers complete control over how the fixtures fill the shelves with illumination.

Metal glare shields are another essential component, as they soften the illumination and help even it out across the display. Glare shields remove hotspots and dark areas, and are largely responsible for the warm glow that strip fixtures are known for.

Phantom also attaches dimmer controls to most of its installations, and this allows homeowners to alter the output of their display fixtures whenever they deem it necessary. This is typically done to respond to changes in ambient illumination and in response to changes in the display. With these components, a designer can make a major impact with Phantom’s display illumination, and give homeowners a look they can be proud of.

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