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Before a homeowner can integrate LED cabinet lighting fixtures into a set of shelves, they may need to install cabinet light moldings to provide adequate concealment. Aesthetic fixtures are designed to create a visually impactful, beautiful look, but this isn’t possible if the fixtures remain visible after installation. They aren’t intended to be seen directly, and they can overwhelm people with bright illumination if they aren’t properly shielded. Fortunately, Phantom can provide a piece of trim for nearly any furniture or shelving arrangement, and establish a concealed spot for the fixtures.

Other than protecting the fixtures from view, Phantom’s cabinet light molding are also designed to shape the illumination to better fit the display. That’s because they block off certain angles of illumination and ensure the fixtures only project into a certain area. This makes it easier to control the display’s appearance and keep the illumination perfectly metered.

Phantom’s assortment of Elite custom trim options can be fabricated to fit any display mounting orientation and Ultra custom trim options will do the same. They both can be cut to a specific set of dimensions and covered with a veneer that matches the design of the surrounding furniture. This ensures a seamless look that won’t draw attention. With proper concealment, it is also possible to soften the fixtures so that they produce the warm, gentle illumination that is both agreeable and sophisticated.

Concealing trim is often a necessary addition to a display project, and ensures optimal performance and aesthetics from the fixtures. To get started on enhancing the appearance of your display, give Phantom Lighting a call toll-free at 800-863-1184 or fill out our online request form.

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