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Cabinet light trims are essential for producing optimal illumination metering, and can provide much needed concealment as well. No homeowner wants their new xenon or LED cabinet light fixtures to be visible, as they aren’t designed to be pretty themselves. That’s where a concealing piece comes in, as it can be attached to existing furniture to provide a bit more cover. Phantom’s options are even more robust, as they come in a variety of aesthetic designs and do more than just offer concealment. They also direct the illumination to where it needs to go, which ensures the display looks its best.

Whether the strip fixtures are placed above a countertop or around a set of shelves, cabinet light trims are designed to produce precise illumination. If they emit beyond a display, it will look harsh and unprofessional. Phantom’s custom pieces are designed to neutralize this concern as they force illumination into certain angles only. Every one of Phantom’s strip fixtures is compatible with several trim options, and each one offers a different aiming angle. There are even pieces for shelves that include center stiles, and these can emit illumination in a wide angle that fills the shelves.

Phantom can put together a custom piece for nearly any display, with the ability to cut the piece to any size and with multiple veneers available. In short, every project that Phantom is a part of can be made to look its best.

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