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Cabinet lighting reviews can help a homeowner make smart decisions regarding display fixtures, and this feedback is bringing out some important trends.

Perhaps the most notable among them is that more and more homeowners are looking for custom installations instead of a standard design that is rather inflexible. Homeowners who have been through the process also have a strong idea of what to look for in a fixture, and what to avoid. They are looking for good reviews and/or testimonials about the manufacturer.


Phantom’s name comes up quite a bit in positive cabinet lighting reviews, and for good reason. Phantom’s fixtures, particularly its Elite and Ultra, are extremely flexible and can fit into spaces most other fixtures cannot go. This, along with their customization options, makes the Elite and Ultra among the most versatile cabinet lighting display fixtures on the market. Phantom’s former clients also appreciate the high quality components found in the Elite and Ultra, which ensure long term durability and a reliable source of bright illumination.

There can’t be any flaws in display illumination, as the slightest quirk will be picked up on right away. That’s why Phantom only accepts thoroughly binned LED’s from a single manufacturer, and also why Phantom pairs its strip fixtures with dimmer controls, aiming trims, and glare shields. This fine tunes the illumination until it flows evenly and beautifully. It’s a measured look that homeowners will truly appreciate.

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