When a venue needs a precise and low profile light source, their best option is often an LED projector. These devices are particularly useful for museum or art exhibits because they can be customized to fit any subject. It also comes with the latest in lighting technology – diodes.

Light emitting diodes represent the pinnacle of safety and efficiency because they burn cool and use less energy. Diodes can also be designed to output nearly any color temperature and level of intensity. When paired with Phantom’s housing technology, these fixtures can produce the intimate and professional lighting a venue looks for.

Phantom’s diode fixtures require less than a watt to function. Because they are extremely efficient, they spend their energy producing light instead of heat, making them safer as a result. Diodes are a solid state lighting fixture, so they can absorb shock better than other forms of lighting. They are also graded to last much longer than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. In fact, some diodes can operate for nearly 100,000 hours until they need to be replaced. Because an LED projector will often be in use around the clock, this reduces costs and downtime.

Most companies use diodes for these fixtures, but what makes Phantom different is its unique set of projector designs. These fixtures are installed in the ceiling and stay out of sight. Most only need a small aperture in the ceiling to function properly. They can be installed quickly and won’t necessitate any construction, so the ceiling will be left untouched otherwise.

These devices are designed to produce contoured light. In other words, each installation is a custom job, calibrated to produce illumination that bends to the subject and doesn’t spill. The result is striking as it appears the piece is glowing from the inside out.