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A low profile linear LED light source is a clever way to add to a building’s visual dynamics without investing a lot into a construction project. Home and business owners invest a lot of resources into their building’s appearance, either for aesthetic or commercial reasons.

It makes sense, then, to pick something that can be set up easily, works with the building’s aesthetics, and creates the kind of visual punch that makes it all worth it. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diode fixtures as a low profile led light source fit the bill perfectly, and are ideal for a number of display settings.

LED Concealed Cove Light Fixtures Can Make A Room Stand Out

In general, a low profile linear LED light source is designed to be concealed. This is best accomplished by placing the fixtures inside coves, cabinets, or behind other items around which the fixtures can shine. This has some obvious applications in the home, where the fixtures can add a soft touch along the ceiling and around shelving.

In commercial settings, there may even be more uses for the fixtures. They are ideal in reception areas and lobbies, as the extra illumination will make a statement. For example, placing the fixtures behind a corporate logo hung up by a reception desk can make a big impact. They are also a practical choice for common areas, meeting rooms, and any space that the business designates for meeting potential clients.

In short, there are few limitations on how these low profile led light sources can be used. And no matter where they are placed, their impact will immediately be felt visually.

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