Using LED display lighting for sports memorabilia is the best way to infuse life into precious memories and valuable items. A lot of people consider their collection’s monetary value only, but people who collect things like jerseys and autographed balls do it because they love the thrill of athletic competition. And it can serve as a bridge between generations, linking parents and their children with beloved memories of teams celebrated and exciting moments witnessed. Phantom’s diode fixtures can reawaken this feeling with sophisticated and beautiful illumination.

LED display lighting for sports memorabilia has to be powerful enough to make the subject easy to see, and make it easy to read any text that may be present. These items often come with a small piece of literature that explains the subject’s context, and everyone wants to see those autographs and information cleanly. The best way to bring out these items is with a set of Ultra fixtures, customized to emit natural white illumination. Phantom’s Ultra fixtures are among the brightest diode fixtures on the market, producing about 200 lumens of output per linear foot. With a single run of Ultra fixtures, it is possible to illuminate an entire cabinet or shelf of precious mementos, and because natural white is the ideal temperature for rendering color, every item will look just like it did when it was on the field.