LED shelf lighting is installed when a piece of display furniture needs a little something more. More illumination, more color, more beauty, it doesn’t matter, because these fixtures can provide all of this. This technology is highly customizable, but only a few companies take advantage of its potential. While many manufacturers settle for products that are standardized and unsuitable for many installations, Phantom eschews this design mentality and emphasizes flexibility among its fixtures. Both its festoon lamps and CM strips are premeasured and built to the customer’s needs, fitting snugly into any piece of furniture it’s installed in.

Diodes are the pinnacle of illumination technology because they provide premium radiance at low costs. Their high efficiency means LED shelf lighting produces more lumens per watt, and Phantom’s fixtures are even more efficient than more competing designs. This means lower operational costs, and more compatibility with a building’s power infrastructure.

Phantom’s lamps and strips are designed to remain out of sight to a casual observer. They can also be set up with metal shields that diffuse the illumination, giving it a softer, less intense appearance. Instead of bombarding an onlooker with harsh brightness, the subjects are made to subtly glow, a much more beautiful effect.

Most manufacturers produce fixtures that must be installed with open wiring. This is a problem if the owner wants to rearrange the shelves to accommodate larger or smaller pieces. An electrician will need to set up the fixtures in their new positions, and this will be necessary every time the furniture is adjusted. Phantom’s fixtures avoid this because they function with conductive furniture supports and buss bars. Buss bars are strips of conductive metal that power the lamps directly. There is no open wiring required, so adjustment is a simple process that anyone can perform.