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Setting up display illumination is often one frustration after another for a homeowner, but selecting shelves with lighting built in can alleviate a lot of it. The problem is that most traditional display illumination systems aren’t designed to be flexible in the slightest, so if a homeowner wants to create a new display or add on to an existing one, an electrician may be needed to help with the process. That’s a bit impractical, and highly expensive, so fixtures that can be moved with the display can save money and time, as well as build up a beautiful, intimate look.

Phantom offers a couple shelves with lighting built in, and these systems are designed to be as flexible as possible. They can be fitted with Phantom’s Elite or Ultra LED fixtures, which imparts superior efficiency and reliability.

Phantom’s adjustable light fixtures work because buss bars are built directly into the cabinet, and these buss bars carry power to the fixtures without the need for open wiring. Instead, brass support screws are anchored into the buss bars, and a brass support clip is attached to the screw. The system is finished off with a brass contact pad that sends the power directly into the fixtures. It’s a completely safe system to handle and will provide beautiful illumination for many years before any LEDs need to be replaced.

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